Luces traseras Ford de Coches y Camiones

Ford Car and Truck Tail Lights

A crucial component of a successful stop is sending a signal to others the fact that you are stopping, and this can only be done with properly working brake lights and tail lights. With a wide selection to choose from, there are Ford car and truck tail lights for every model and personal style.

How do you select tail lights for a Ford?

Finding the right red lights for your Ford car, pickup, or SUV can be tricky, given the integral part that tail lights play in the exterior design of a car. Its not something universal, like a rearview mirror that can easily be switched from car to car. Pull up behind any car, and one of the first characteristics you usually notice are the tail lights and how theyre integrated in the rest of the rear of the car. This means that proper tail light selection is crucial to your brake system, or you will almost certainly end up with tail lights that wont fit.

  • Find the correct year: When a model is re-designed, its tail lights are one of the more commonly redesigned components. If a light is available for a range of years, going outside of that range by even one year can result in an unsatisfactory fit.
  • Find the correct trim level: This is the S, SE, SEL, and Titanium monikers given to different Ford models, or the XL, XLT, Lariat, etc. models for Ford trucks. Especially on sport models, the tail lights can have a different design.
What types of tail lights are available for Ford vehicles?

Given their utilitarian purpose, you might think that there wouldnt be many options to choose from when it comes to your Fords tail lights. However, manufacturers have worked to give you freedom of expression even with this crucial safety feature. You can, of course, buy a duplicate replacement, but you can also buy tail lights that are tinted for a sporty look, ones that have chrome accents for a more classic look, or some that have a clear lens and a black interior for a tough, alternative look. There are also options such as LED tail lights to consider.

How do you replace the rear lights on a Ford vehicle?

Though there are certainly variations, depending on the model of Ford you have, these procedures will assist you in replacing almost any rear lighting.

  • Access the screws holding the tail light in place, either through the trunk, or the frame of the truck bed.
  • Remove these screws, and loosen the fixture by prying apart the tabs that hold the fixture to the body of the car.
  • Remove the fixture from the body of the car, being sure to carefully release it from any adhesives or gaskets.
  • Install the new fixture in the reverse order, making sure to properly seal the fixture before screwing it in.
  • Screw the fixture in place, and replace any trim that covered the access to these screws.