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Aviation Flying Magazine Back Issues

Flying is a combination of art, science, and engineering that allows mankind to shrink the surface of the globe to an extent that couldn’t have been imagined before the advent of air travel. Like other high-stakes pursuits where a skillful application of scientific concepts is key, the best aviators are able to learn from the mistakes and successes of the past in aviation flying magazine back issues.

Why are back issues of aviation magazines still relevant?

Flying publications play a unique role because the lessons and experiences contained in these aviation publications never become dated or unfashionable. Good aviators take every opportunity to learn from the mistakes and successes of others. They apply this knowledge to their own craft to help them gain the firsthand experience that is needed to be successful aviators.

What is there to learn from aviation magazine back issues?

Unlike other forms of popular magazines, flying publications often deal with fundamental techniques and equipment that has decades-long durability. There are also many articles, stories, and tips involving safety. These things never become dated as skilled and dedicated aviators seek to learn from historical knowledge. Aviation magazine back issues provide aviators with a historical perspective on how to deal with situations like hull-loss crashes, reportable incidents, or near-misses. They can understand the conditions that led to these situations and take the necessary steps to avoid similar conditions from happening under their command.

Why are back-issue flying magazines interesting to enthusiasts?

If flying is your passion, your work, or both, flying publications can entertain you and bring you some valuable knowledge that has accumulated over many decades. Here are a few reasons why these publications are interesting to enthusiasts:

  • Aircraft do not depreciate at anywhere near the rate of cars. This means that decades-old aircraft that are reviewed in flying publications may still be highly relevant in the current aircraft market.
  • These magazines often contain valuable first-person accounts of emergency situations that are written by highly experienced pilots. They frequently have the in-depth analysis of historical hull-loss accidents, safety principles, and navigational techniques. These types of articles will stay as relevant as the day they were written.
  • You may need to become type-rated in classic equipment while using original systems as a professional pilot. This is especially true if you end up flying for charter companies, the military, or cargo haulers. Back-issue flying magazines can have a lot of insightful information that allows you to become familiar with legacy aircraft and their systems.