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FireWire Cables & Adapters

Also referred to as IEEE 1394, Firewire Cables are an alternative form of connectors for computers and hardware. Along with the USB cord, these cables can provide fast connections. While they are similar to other cords, they are not interchangeable.

What is FireWire used for?

Unlike other forms of connections, FireWire is primarily used with digital camcorders and external hard drives. Cables and FireWire adapters are used for high transfer rates (up to 800 Mbps) to ensure quality and accuracy. They also tend to be faster.

What are the benefits of using FireWire cables and adapters?

Along with fast speeds and reliability, there are number of benefits to using FireWire.

  • Control of your device: The beauty of using FireWire is that it allows you to control your device while it's connected to your laptop or Mac notebook. This means you can not only transfer files but also control your DV camcorder from your keyboard.
  • Provide power: Another advantage of FireWire is the capability to power your device while it's plugged into your laptop or Mac notebook. This can save you the headache of having to wait to recharge dead batteries or dealing with tangled power cords.
  • Don't have to restart your computer: Another feature of FireWire is the ability to plug and unplug hardware without having to restart your PC or Mac.
What is the difference between FireWire 400 and FireWire 800?

Originally released in the FireWire 400 format in 1996, a commonly used cable now is FireWire 800. The main difference between the two types of cables is the transfer rates. FireWire 400 cables are capable of transferring up to 480 Mbps. The new standard now is FireWire 800, which can transfer up to 800 Mbps. This allows for much faster transfers of high-quality video files.

Is it easy to connect it to your computer?

Yes, a simple way to connect these cables to your PC or laptop is by using either an adapter for your Thunderbolt cord or by upgrading your PC with an expansion card. Older Mac users are in luck, however, because all pre-2012 models come with ports already built in.

Is it good for audio?

When downloading audio to your PC, FireWire often can yield fantastic transfer rates and sound quality. Below is a list of benefits for using it to transfer audio.

  • The preferred connection choice for studios - Since its introduction with the FW400, it's been used in professional recording studios.
  • Uses less bandwidth - FW400 is able to yield fewer latencies when transferring sound, creating higher quality recordings.
  • FW800 offers twice the bandwidth as FW400, meaning there's an even more impressive transfer quality.