FireWire Adapters/Converters

FireWire Adapter/Converter

FireWire adapters and converters are used for adding external devices to your computer or laptop. FireWire is often used to add other digital or external devices that can profit from the high transfer rate this type of connection features. FireWires are small, compact, and can supply up to 7 watts for certain high-powered peripherals like hard drives and audio devices.

What different brands make FireWire converters?
  • Apple
  • Startech

Other products may be classified as unbranded or generic.

What different types of connectors are there?
  • 1394 6-pin female
  • 1394a 6-pin female
  • 1394 6-pin male
What different FireWire products are available?
  • Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire
  • IEEE 6-Pin to USB M Adaptor
  • 400/800 6-pin female to 9-pin male IEEE 1394a
  • 4ft USB 2.0 Male to 4-Pin IEEE 1394 Lead Adaptor
What type of hardware can benefit from using a FireWire adapter?
  • Digital video camcorders
  • High-resolution digital cameras
  • Scanners and high-quality printers
  • External hard drives and CD/DVD recorders
  • For networking between other computers
What products can be used with this adapter?

The most common uses of these connectors is to combine televisions and set-top boxes in order to build a home theater system that can be connected to a mac. This product can also be used to connect consumer electronics, external storages, and a variety of multimedia products. You can also use FireWire to connect two networks or two laptops together by running TCP/IP.

Firewire cables can also be used with portable projectors to connect a laptop for presentations. This is a common use of these cables in both business and academia. They can help you whether you are an executive, a lecturer, or a student.

What are the advantages of using these products?

The most notable advantage is the connection speed when adding multimedia machines. The other benefit is that the cable transfers power at the same time it transfers data, meaning there are less dangerous power points, and it is possible to charge and sync products simultaneously. In addition, since FireWire 800 can operate for up to 100 meters, it can be useful for making connections across large rooms or between rooms.

What is the difference between FireWire 800 and 400?

Different FireWire products have different transfer rates when moving data from one machine to another. FireWire 800 adapters have 800 Mbps (or 75 MB/sec) while FireWire 400 adapters have 400 Mbps (or 50 MB/sec). It is also important to realize that actual transfer speeds depend on variables like cable length and your own computer hardware.