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Score Some Sweet Kicks With Fila Women's Shoes

Grey FILA Shoes for Women

Fila started out as an underwear manufacturing business. The company shifted to making sports attire, shoes, and equipment 60 years following its establishment in Biella, Italy. Tennis pros like Boris Becker, Jennifer Capriati, Bjorn Borg, and Monica Seles helped boost Filas popularity in the 1980s and 1990s by endorsing and carrying the brand. Fila also delved into the realms of basketball, soccer, baseball, and specialized motorsports shoes. Their style caught on quickly in streetwear, and Fila has become a casual wear staple.

How have women's athletic

shoes evolved over time?

The very first women's sneaker looked much more like fancy dress bootie than an athletic shoe. With a stacked heel, high-top lace-up closure, and intricate details, this was a shoe you would never consider exercising in. The only similarity to women's sneakers now was the rubber soles. Though you can easily find Fila high-heel women's sneakers nowadays, rest assured this is more for aesthetic appeal than function. Now, Fila women's shoes are constructed to meet the demands of athletes and non-athletes alike using the newest technologies and innovations to enhance comfort and performance.

Blue FILA Shoes for Women

What types of Fila

women's shoes are available?

The variety of Fila lifestyle shoes available is astounding. Not only can you find shoes designed for the rigors of most sports, you can also find leisure sneakers and sandals. There are shoes geared for work that have non-slip soles for extra safety. There are running shoes, basketball shoes, and thick-soled recovery sandals. There is also a large selection of casual, everyday shoes that can be paired with nearly any outfit.

Black FILA Shoes for Women

What features are found on these Fila women's shoes?

These premium leather sneakers are all about style. The most notable feature of many Fila shoes for women include their signature chunky heel. Some have a smooth outsole while others are lugged. Even the sandals possess this tell-tale Fila trait. With so many different types of shoes from which to choose, you will find a large variety of different features. Shoes like the Fila Disruptor II offer a lightweight EVA midsole for optimal comfort and uniquely-detailed eyelets. The Fila Disruptor Sandal offers three hook and loop Velcro-strap closures with a molded outsole for comfort. Additional features you may find on this large selection of shoes include:

  • Both low- and high-cut sneakers
  • Platform soles for additional height
  • Shearling-lined winter boots
  • Stretch shoe model with sock-like fit
  • Embossed or embroidered logos
  • Non-slip and non-skid soles
  • Heel heights varying from less than 1 inch to 4 inches
Rose Gold FILA Shoes for Women

What sizes are available?

You will find most of these Fila women's sneakers come in women's sizes 5-11, although it is unlikely that every shoe model will be available in every size within the range. Filas fit true to size to just a bit snug. Since most of these women's sneakers are made of leather, you can expect some stretch over time. For more information on sizing, please see the manufacturers site.

What colorways are there?

With so many Fila shoes to choose from, you will find a large selection of available colors. Filas signature colorway is an all-white with red and blue accents, but these are not the only colors available. You can find the Disruptor Slides in colors like yellow and pink, while the Stretch shoes are often white or red. The Disruptor II Brights Fade is usually white on top and blends into a brightly-colored sole. Additionally, you can find shoes that are black, maroon, blue, gold, silver, green, and even in patterns like tie-dye and camouflage.

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