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Mercury Cougar Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

The Mercury Cougar had one of the longest production runs in auto history. Ford made the car for more than 30 years and sold models like a coupe and a sedan. The Cougar features a number of different mirrors that you can replace as needed to see better.

What is a wing mirror?

One option is something called a wing mirror, which gets its name because of its wing design. The contoured design picks up more of the area around your Mercury Cougar to help you keep an eye on any obstacles. This lets you see hazards on the sides and behind your car. It also has an adjustable design that lets you move the mirror as needed based on your height or car. These models fit in a few different places on a Cougar.

  • Drivers side: One designed to fit on the drivers side makes it easy for you to adjust your field of vision. This also allows multiple people to drive the same Mercury Cougar and still see perfectly.
  • Passengers side: With a passengers side mirror on the Mercury, you have the chance to see anything or anyone beside the car. Cougar drivers can adjust the glance to enhance a field of vision.
Are all mirrors compatible across Mercury Cougar vehicles?

Not all mirrors are compatible with all Cougars because Ford changed the vehicles design so many times over the years. The first generation ran from 1967 to 1970 and had a sporty design. Cougars produced between 1971 and 1973 are examples of the second generation, and the third generation lasted until 1976. Youll also find fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh generation cars made up until 1999. Its important to know what generation you have in order to find compatible parts. Many of these mirrors will only work with Mercury Cougars made during select years.

What is a power mirror?

A power mirror is one that you can adjust from inside your Cougar. These Mercury models put an electronic switch on the door panel. This switch causes the mirror to lift up, drop down, and move from side to side. Some Cougars came with a manual switch that did the same thing. These switches give you the chance to change and improve your field of vision from your seat inside the car.

Are individual replacement parts for the Mercury Cougar available?

Companies like Ford and its Mercury brand all sell replacement parts and mirrors for the Cougar. Youll also find aftermarket accessories from Dorman, Kool Value, and other companies as well as unbranded options. Individual parts can include a cap, mirror glass, and mirror shield. The cap is the plastic piece that surrounds the mirror and keeps it safe from potential hazards. A piece of mirror glass has the reflective surface that you need for seeing. You can also use a mirror shield for a Mercury Cougar to keep rain and snow off the glass.