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Exterior Mirrors for Mercedes-Benz S430

One of the most important safety features of your Mercedes-Benz S430, exterior mirrors help you see whats to the side and behind you, along with checking your vehicles blind spots when you drive. They keep you and your passengers safe and sound. You can find the perfect mirror parts for your Mercedes-Benz S430 sedan among the variety of types and features youre looking for.

What are exterior mirrors and how do they work?

Exterior mirrors are the smaller mirrors usually installed at both the driver and front passenger windows of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. They help you see whats in the other lanes and behind you on the road as well as help you see whats beyond your peripheral vision, also known as your blind spots. With the ability to see from these angles, you have vital information about the distance between your car and any others on the road so you can execute safe lane changes, turns, and more. The angle of your exterior mirrors is normally controlled by remote control in your car, allowing you to move them vertically and horizontally to accommodate drivers of different heights or different driver seat positions. Some units have features available like heating capabilities and more. Youll find units for placement at the front, rear, left, and right of the vehicle.

What types of mirrors and parts for S430 are available?
  • Blind spot: Smaller mirrors that attach to the regular exterior mirror with adhesive backing. They are easy to install and provide excellent views of those hard-to-see areas.
  • Complete assembly: If you dont have any salvageable parts to an existing mirror and replacing everything is in order, youll find complete units that include the cover, glass, internal housing, and more. The housing component has all of the connections, plugs, and wiring needed for the remote controls and heating elements.
  • Mirror casing: Mercedes-Benz S-Class casings are commonly replaced because they are the part of the mirror assembly most likely to be damaged if someone hits your mirror or your mirror hits something else while driving. Select the casing based on the finish, reading all of the instructions to ensure compatibility and to ensure it will match your particular Mercedes-Benz.
  • Mirror glass: If you just need the replacement glass for your sedan, youre in luck, because its very easy to install. There are two types of replacement mirrors available. The first is a direct replacement that has a backing plate and may also have a heating element for models that offer that feature. The second type is a stick on, pre-cut to match the correct shape of mirror for your Mercedes.
  • Rearview mirrors: Rearview mirrors on your year S430 help visually when backing up, parking, and more. Most are also treated to reduce the glare of strong headlights, particularly at night.