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Etienne Aigner Shoes for Women

Etienne Aigner shoes for women are designed to meet a range of fashion requirements. With a wide variety of shoes and boots, Etienne Aigner is a go-to choice for office wear, weekend relaxation, or a night on the town. Thanks to its wide range of stylish and comfortable releases, it's easy to build a versatile wardrobe of Aigner shoes.

What factors go into choosing an Etienne Aigner shoe?

Etienne Aigner has such a wide variety of women's shoes and boots that it can be difficult to decide on a purchase. To help you narrow down your Etienne Aigner women's options, think about the following:

  • Consider your occasion: Women's professional wear will likely be different from what you might wear for a special night out. Etienne Aigner's women's shoe designs include everything from strappy sandals, wedges, pumps, high heels, and boots. Zeroing in on where you are likely to wear your women's Aigner shoes will help you narrow down your choices.
  • Choose a heel height: Etienne Aigner's shoe heel heights are flat (0 to 1/2-inch), low (3/4-inch to 1 1/2 inches), medium (1 3/4 inches to 2 3/4 inches), and high (3 inches and up).
  • Decide on a color: Etienne Aigner features classic colors like black, brown, and gray, which are always in fashion. However, you may want to make a statement and stand out. Try Etienne Aigner shoes in bold hues like red, pink, or blue for a pop of color.
  • Select a material: Leather, napped leather, or synthetic shoes give women a variety of looks in Etienne Aigner designs. Furthermore, a combination of traditional materials with a synthetic sole combines style and durability.
  • Think about fasteners: Do you like lace-up shoes or boots? Buckles or zippers? A pull-on or slip-on shoe? Let your preferences guide you to the Etienne Aigner women's shoe that is just right for you.
What's the difference between the suede and nubuck?

Etienne Aigner tends to use the highest quality materials available for their women's shoes. Suede (napped leather) is actually a type of leather that is finished differently. Unlike nubuck, which comes from tanning the outer surface of an animal hide, napped leather comes from the inside of the animal skin. While both types of leather are appealing, napped leather tends to be softer and more pliable than nubuck. On the other hand, nubuck leather is a bit more durable.

What are the benefits of synthetic materials?

Synthetic Etienne Aigner shoes typically retain their shape better than natural materials and can be quite durable. They are typically more water-resistant and withstand the elements without the staining and discoloration that natural materials can be prone to. Also, for those who may be concerned about animal rights, synthetic material can be a stylish alternative.

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