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Epson Dot Matrix Printer Heads

An Epson dot matrix printer is an invaluable resource for a vast number of businesses because it makes accurate printing on pre-filled forms. Rather than relying on a reservoir of ink, dot matrix type printers use a print head that utilizes impact technology to ease the burden associated with imprinting long and custom forms with text.

Why are dot matrix printers useful for businesses?

One of the reasons that dot matrix printers are used in business environments is due to their low cost of operation and minimal maintenance requirements. Standard printer cartridges are prone to drying out during periods of inactivity, but the print head interface in a dot matrix printer is not as likely to degrade over time. Also, the heads responsible for transferring the ink from the print head to paper are designed to withstand continuous use.

What are the paper requirements for a dot matrix printer?

The most commonly used printer medium in Epson models is a continuous feeding ream, which has perforated sides that allow the device to advance and retract the document during the printing process. Some Epson models come with a single sheet feed option that provides compatibility with traditional single sheet paper.

What is the lifespan of dot matrix printer ribbons?

Most printer sources stop producing ink once they reach a capacity threshold, but an impact ribbon device is designed to gradually decrease in print quality, allowing the user to get the maximum number of print jobs per cartridge.

What print jobs should be completed on dot matrix models?

There are many activities the Epson dot matrix printer can handle. The following are three of the many print jobs the Epson dot matrix printer is capable of completing.

  • Carbon Copy Documents: In some cases, a business may need a printer that is capable of transferring data onto carbon copy paper, and the impact technology of an Epson dot matrix type printer allows text to be imprinted to as many as five carbon copies at one time.
  • Long-Form Invoices: Companies that use non-standard sized invoices and other custom forms utilize Epson dot matrix printing technology to ensure professional printing results.
  • Text Heavy Documents: A dot matrix interface makes creating text-heavy documents quicker.