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ECCO Golf Shoes for Men

ECCO golf shoes for men are stylish specialist footwear designed for those who are passionate about their game. Created for both professionals and amateurs alike, these golf shoes incorporate advanced sports technology for enhanced performance and are available in a range of contemporary styles and colors.

ECCO is a Danish shoe company which was established in the 1960s and is reputed for producing high quality footwear that offers lightweight comfort, flexibility and foot support.

Enhanced Performance

ECCO golf shoes for men are premium quality athletic style golf shoes which feature many design aspects which aid a player when on the green. ECCO golf shoes for men have specially designed heels made to enhance stability and advanced closure systems to ensure a tailored fit.

Many ECCO golf shoes for men have organically positioned pivot points and performance-enhanced inlay soles which are anatomically shaped with silicon print for optimum balance and grip. Outsoles are manufactured from lightweight and breathable leather and often incorporate water-resistant materials such as GORE-TEX® for all weather play.

Types of Sole

Several miles can often be walked in the course of a game of golf and so it is important that a player finds a comfortable golf shoe to fit both their feet and their style of play. ECCO's athletic lightweight and flexible designs repel moisture for drier, cooler feet and provide all-day cushioning and comfort. In addition, unlike more traditional designs of golfing shoe, many ECCO hybrid styles can be worn off the course and on the way to the green.

ECCO golf shoes for men are available with different types of sole including astro soles (designed to cope with the longer ‘blades' of AstroTurf on driving ranges and courses) and those shoes with changeable studs and moulded studs. Your final choice should be dependent on your individual golfing style and the course on which you play. A studded shoe will offer more of a grip when playing and are essential on wet, hilly courses.