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Car and Truck Exterior Door Handles for Toyota Tundra

The Toyota company manufactures the Tundra pickup truck, which is designed for heavy-duty towing as well as the ability to go off-road. If your truck has seen thousands of miles and many years, you may want to replace the exterior parts for either cosmetic or functional purposes. With a wide selection of Toyota Tundra door handles, you can find something for your particular make, model, and color.

What colors are the Tundras exterior door handles?

Tundra door accessories can be found in a variety of colors so as to match the variety of colors the truck itself is available in. If you have customized the exterior appearance of your truck doors sides, you may also be interested in a part which has not yet been painted. If you buy a part that hasn’t been painted yet, you might want to take it to the same place where your Toyota Tundra was painted to ensure a color match.

What is different about performance door hardware?

If youve turned your Tundra pickup truck into a performance vehicle, you may be interested in a performance handle for the doors. Options include a handle plated with chrome, featuring a lock only on the driver door. The lack of a lock on the passenger door provides a smoother, more consistent appearance while the caps provide a shine to dull spots. Other options include performance grips with textures, allowing you to maintain your grip when opening the door in wet conditions.

What materials are the handles made from?

The aftermarket or original equipment manufacturer handles will be made from either plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. Your specific engine and trim design will identify which material your pickup truck will use. Plastic parts for your trucks door are designed to be durable and easy to keep clean. If youre using the truck for heavy-duty utility purposes, the aluminum and stainless-steel handles are an appropriate choice due to their rugged nature. The plastic handles for the trucks door will be lighter with a weight of only a few ounces. If you are using aluminum or stainless steel hardware for your door, the weight may be closer to half of a pound.

What is the finish of the exterior door handles?

You can find your door handle painted the color of the truck, primed and ready to be painted, or chromed for a performance fit. The pre-painted handles will have a smooth texture, while your performance handles may be smooth or textured. If you choose a handle which is primed, you can customize the finish and appearance to match your preferences.