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Disney Hats (1968-Now)

Disney hats, including the Mickey ear hats, and headbands, have been souvenirs and collectibles for generations. With so many locations, franchises, and characters, there are hats in a variety of colors, designs, and fun variations.

What Disney hats are available?

Theres a wide selection of Disney hats, Disneyland caps, Mickey ears, and Minnie Mouse headbands available, including collectible items from as early as 1968 and updated items that are sold and worn in the parks and resorts. There are hats representing many of Disneys movie franchises like Star Wars, Pixar, and the Avengers. Items featuring classic characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy are available, along with updated characters like BB-8, Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. Youll also find items from favorite shows, parks, and special events.

Whats the difference between mouse ear hats and mouse ears?

Disney mouse ear hats are caps with ears attached to the top. Since the ears are attached to a cap, they can include emblems on the front or other decorations to go between the ears at the top like mortar boards for graduation, pointy birthday hats, Mickeys famous sorcerer hat, and more. The bottom portion can also be fashioned to look like a character head, such as Stitch or the tiny aliens from Toy Story.

Disney mouse ears are headbands with ears attached at the top. Frequently, there are other decorations between the ears like bows, veils, sequins, and more.

How can you store your Disney mouse ears?

There are a number of ways, both fun and secure, to store your Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse ears when youre not wearing them:

  • Headband holders: Your Disney headbands can be mounted on a headband holder that not only helps them maintain their shape, but makes them into a room decoration.
  • Hat boxes: If youll be collecting Disney ears or you wish to keep them spotless until your next vacation, hat boxes are a good way to store them.
  • Framing: You can frame your favorite Disney ears to create distinctive wall decor.
  • Wall decorations: Many use the Disney ear headbands as wall decor all by themselves, arranging them in a variety of ways to add a touch of fun and color to a room.
  • Suitcases: Some fans are so anxious for their next vacation, they keep their Disney ears in their luggage. Hard cases, in particular, can provide good protection.

How do you clean your Disney mouse ears?

Mix a tablespoon of mild soap into a bowl with one to two cups of warm water and dissolve the soap. Dip a clean washcloth into the mix, squeeze out excess water, and use this to gently clean the stains and dirt from all areas of your Disney mouse ears. Since felt is used for the hats, a soft toothbrush can be used for tough stains. Once clean, allow the ears to air dry.

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