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Windows XP Computers and You

Windows XP is a personal computer operating system. It was produced as part of Windows NT family of operating systems by Microsoft. It was produced specifically for mainstream consumer use in the 1990s. The efficiency and stability of the OS were received well.

What are the features of Dell Windows XP computer?

  • Remote desktop - This feature allows the remote running of a personal computers desktop environment on one system. Remote desktop captures keyboard and mouse inputs from a local computer. It then sends the inputs to a remote computer, also known as the server. To set up a remote desktop on a Dell Windows XP computer, you must log in as the computer administrator.
  • Remote assistance - This feature allows you to send a request for assistance to another Dell XP operating system. It works together with the remote desktop feature of a laptop, tablet, and desktop computer. It helps corporates handle troubleshooting. Remote assistance requires a user to be present to accept an incoming connection.
  • Device driver rollback - The feature is used to uninstall the current driver for a hardware device. After that, it automatically installs the previously installed driver. In other words, it reinstalls the previous drivers for whichever device you rolling back. Devices here include a desktop computer, laptop, or any other device where you have the option of installing Windows XP.
  • CD burner - This is a built-in feature. You can drag sound or videos files present on the hard drive onto the CD-ROM drives desktop icon. The selected files will then be copied onto the selected disk.
  • Internet connection firewall - It is a security system that comes with Dell XP computers. It acts as a security boundary between the outside world and a network.

What are the benefits of a Dell computer with this OS?

  • Uses little computer resources - This is in comparison to other OS like Windows Vista, Windows 8, and Windows. These three require 2 gigabytes of RAM for a 64-bit system. They also need 1 GB of RAM for a 32-bit system.
  • Solves compatibility problems - Windows Vista is known for its hardware and software compatibility problems. IT experts, therefore, recommend Windows XP as it allows you to run the operating system applications without any compatibility problems.
  • Offers seamless integration - If you close the operating systems virtual machine, you can access your applications directly through Windows 7 start menu. You can also run these applications alongside applications installed directly on Windows 7.
  • Easy to operate - A Dell XP computer has a processor that is user-friendly. Users do not have to enter a license key to activate windows operating system installations. The CPU, also known as the processor, is the brain of a computer. This is possible because of an upgrade in the processor.

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