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Dell Computer Monitor Mounts & Stands

Learn More About Choosing a Dell Monitor Stand

When youre setting up your office, a monitor stand can give you greater flexibility. These stands allow you to select the perfect position for your computer monitor whether youre sitting or standing. With eBay, you can choose from a wide range of stand designs to fit your workspace.

What are some types of Dell monitor stands?
  • Wall-mounted stands: These stands mount your computer monitor to a wall. They save desk space in small areas; you can also use them to mount monitors in retail spaces, lobbies, or conference rooms.
  • Monitor arms: This type of monitor stand features a large, curved arm. The arm moves up and down for easy height adjustment while the swiveling base allows you to shift the monitor left to right. Many models also feature a tilting head that changes the viewing angle.
  • Dual-monitor stands: Dual-monitor models hold two computer monitors, giving you a larger viewing area.
  • Height-adjustable stands: A Dell adjustable monitor stand allows you to change the height of your monitor.
  • Laptop and tablet stands: These models make it easy to change the height and viewing angle of your laptop or tablet.
What are some features available on Dell monitor stands?

Dell monitor stands come with a variety of available features, including:

  • USB dock - USB ports allow you to connect items like keyboards, mice, phone chargers, and speakers without running cables up to the back of your monitor.
  • Speakers - Built-in speakers broadcast loud, clear sound.
  • Power - Powered stands connect directly to your monitors, providing power without additional cables.
  • Keyboard trays - These trays hold your keyboard at a comfortable height.
How can you choose a monitor stand from Dell?

When it comes to monitor stands, its important to get the right fit for your computer and office. These steps can help you narrow down your selection:

  • Select a stand type - Choose from wall-mounted, dual monitor, laptop, adjustable, and more.
  • Pick a number of monitors - Choose stands that hold one, two, or even three monitors.
  • Select special features - Look for stands with USB ports, power ports, flexible adjustment points, and more.
  • Choose a style - Pick a design and color that complements your office d├⌐cor.
What is a Dell monitor stand?

A monitor stand is a device that holds your Dell computer monitor. Usually, its designed to replace or upgrade the original stand that came with your monitor. You might choose a different stand to better fit your desk setup or to give you greater flexibility in the angle and height of your monitor.

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