Daewoo CRT TVs

What Can I Use a CRT TV For?

Daewoo Cathode Ray Tube TVs, or CRT TV sets, have been around for a long time. Although audio-visual technology has progressed a lot since the days of these TVs, Daewoo TVs, manufactured by South Korean manufacturer Daewoo Electronics Co. Ltd., still provides good sound and picture quality. Known as box TVs, these color TVs are especially useful for retro gaming.

What are Some of the Differences Between the Various Daewoo Television Models?

  • The obvious difference between the various Daewoo television models is the fact that different screen sizes were made. Daewoo Electronics made TVs with 13 inch to 20 inch screens.
  • A Daewoo TV was also made that incorporated a flat screen, which prevented excessive picture distortion.
  • Another innovation from Daewoo was a television set with built-in VHS VCR.

What Features Can I Expect on a Daewoo TV?

  • The custom Daewoo black infrared remote control has fairly intelligently laid out keys to control your TV effortlessly. Power on/off, mute, and channels can be selected and the volume can be adjusted using the remote control.
  • The TV has an F-connector at the rear for antenna connection.
  • Connectors are also provided for video and audio input, as well as a socket for headphones.
  • The Daewoo analogue TV tuner supports the NTSC video system.
  • Daewoo provides cable, UHF, and VHF channel coverage.
  • The TV timer has standby, sleep and wake functions.
  • The TV is fitted with one built-in speaker that provides mono audio output.
  • The nominal voltage required is 120 V AC with a 60 Hz frequency requirement.

How Does a CRT Television Differ from an LCD Television?

LCD and LED televisions are modern versions of the box television with much more advanced electronics and a lot of added functionality. Some points to consider are:

  • CRT televisions such as Daewoo needs a lot of space to accommodate their main components resulting in their bulky and heavy design. In contrast, LCD TVs are much more compact, normally with a depth of less than ten inches. reducing the weight of the TV significantly.
  • The LCD models have a crisper and brighter image than the old style TVs.
  • LCD televisions consumes almost half the energy of a box television, and emit less electromagnetic radiation.
  • CRT televisions do not provide a USB or HDMI interface.
  • Most modern TVs provide for stereo audio output, unlike the older TVs like Daewoo that only provide mono audio output.

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