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DISH Network TV, Video and Home Audio Remote Controls

Control More on Your TV With a DISH Network Remote

A DISH Network remote will allow you to control your TV, cable channels, and digital video recorder (DVR). Various remotes are available, providing plenty of functions. eBay offers many new and used DISH Network remotes for you to choose from.

What are some of the available features on a remote?

A variety of features may be available on affordable DISH Network remotes. This allows you to find one to meet your needs based on the devices you need to control.

  • Voice controls: Control channels and volume by using voice commands.
  • Color-coded buttons: Find the buttons you need based on colors for specific commands.
  • DVR settings: Control your DVR with DISH Network using the remote.
What is a universal remote?

A universal remote makes it easy to control multiple devices using a single remote control. You will have the ability to program the universal remote to control such things as your TV, DVD player, DVR, and home theater system. A number of manufacturers provide universal remotes, allowing you to control your DISH Network box as well as any other components that you have installed.

How do you set up a DISH Network remote?

Syncing a remote with your DISH Network receiver is easier than you might think. There is a "System Info" button on the front panel of your receiver. Once you press that, you will also press the "SAT" button on your remote. From there, you will have everything programmed. If you have a universal remote, the programming will be done by using a code based on the kind of receiver that you have along with all of your other devices. Its possible to have more than one remote synced with your receiver, too. Each DISH Network remote may have a slightly different syncing procedure, so refer to the manufacturers instructions for details.

What might be in a custom bundle with the remote?

You can find a variety of custom bundles on eBay for the DISH Network remote. This allows you to choose a full package to include anything that you may need along with the remote itself.

  • Instructions: Get an instruction manual to identify all of the features and learn how to sync the remote.
  • Batteries: AA or AAA batteries might be provided to ensure you have what you need to get started.
  • Silicone remote cover: Protect the remote and even add a bright color to make it easier to find the remote.
  • Wall mount: Mount the remote to the wall so that you always know where it is.
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