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Jaguar XJ6 Car Covers

Whether you drive your Jaguar XJ6 daily or occasionally just for show, car covers will help keep your investment in pristine condition. Before you invest in a Jaguar XJ6 car cover, you may want to consider the type of protection you need for your luxury vehicle.

What covers are there for your Jaguar?

The first thing you need to consider is if you would like a cover for indoor or outdoor use. Indoor covers shield the XJ6 from dust and scrapes while stored in the garage. Outdoor covers withstand extreme weather conditions and scratches. When searching for covers, consider the following categories:

  • Breathable fabric: Covers made of breathable materials allow moisture to escape and protect the car from mold and mildew.
  • Non-abrasive lining: Soft layers underneath the cover protect your paint job and keep your Jaguar XJ6 looking new. The added thickness guards against dings and other accidents.
  • Elastic hem: A stretchy hem ensures the fit is snug and secure.
  • Grommet hem: Covers with grommet holes allow you to slide cables through the openings and secure the Jaguar XJ6 with locks. They are ideal for windy areas and provide additional security from theft or vandalism.
What type of protection do you need for your Jaguar?

All covers provide some degree of protection from one or more elements. However, Jaguar drivers in Seattle will require a different level of defense than an XJ6 owner in Florida. When thinking about the type of protection you need, consider your driving environment. Waterproof covers are well-suited for Jags driven in wet climates. In contrast, UV-protected covers will shield Jags stored in sunny areas.

  • Ultraviolet rays and blazing heat: The sun can cause paint to oxidize, giving the once glossy shine a dull appearance. UV-protected covers can solve this problem. Plus, they keep the Jaguar XJ6s leather interior cool.
  • Waterproof and water-resistant: Jaguar owners who live in rainy climates will appreciate the rain protection that waterproof and water-resistant covers offer.
  • Dust and dirt: If dust, dirt, or sand is a concern, covers classified for dust protection prevent fine particles from making their way through the material.
  • Dings and scratches: The wind may cause flying objects to fall right on top of your car, which can leave scratches and dents. If this risk gives you pause for concern, look for ding protection covers.
What is the difference between universal and Jaguar custom-fit covers?

A universal cover fits several sedans. Usually, it has an elastic hem, which keeps the cover on the vehicle. Custom-fit covers offer a tailored fit, clinging to the Jaguar XJ6s lines and curves. The covers protect every inch of the Sovereign or other XJ6 models, including mirrors and bumpers.