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Corsair Computer RAM

Corsair Components is a manufacturer and designer of computer hardware and peripherals. The company sells individual modules of low-latency, high-bandwidth RAM. The RAM, or random access memory, is the part of the computer that stores temporary information while the computer is running, such as open programs and temporary data.

What Corsair series are there?

Corsair produces a huge range of DDR1 to more powerful DDR4 mainstream memory designed for Windows and Mac laptop and desktop computers. If you need more powerful RAM, however, then the company's high-performance memory modules are sold in several distinct lines.

  • Corsair Vengeance LPX Series: This is designed specifically for high-performance overclocking, in which you can alter the frequency, voltage, and power of the RAM to suit your needs. Made of pure aluminum, the module can dissipate heat at a fast rate.
  • Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Series: This RAM is similar to LPX, except it is only available in DDR3 and low-power DDR3L configurations.
  • Corsair Vengeance LED Series: This series features LED lights and a light bar. Pairing with most types of motherboards and PC components, the LED Series is designed for a transparent or open computer case to showcase the colorful internal parts of a PC.
  • Vengeance RGB Series: This option delivers both RGB lights and high overclocking performance.
  • Dominator Platinum Series: Designed for extreme performance even beyond the high-performance series, it features an industrial design, LED lighting, and a DHX cooling system for added stability and performance.
What does DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 mean?

DDR stands for double data rate. Regular RAM, or the more advanced variant, SDRAM, transfers data only once per clock cycle, whereas DDR SDRAM transfers data twice per clock cycle, even if the clock speed otherwise remains the same. The number accompanying the DDR RAM signifies the generation of the DDR technology. DDR3 is third generation, DDR4 is the fourth generation, and so on. Each new generation of DDR can transfer data at a faster rate than the previous one. In addition, there is another type of memory known as GDDR, or graphics double data rate. GDDR is very similar to DDR, except it refers only to the RAM in the graphics card.

Does Corsair produce any accessories?

Yes, Corsair does sell various accessories to complement or improve the abilities of the memory modules. The Dominator Platinum light bar upgrade kit lets you personalize the Dominator Platinum series to match your computer. The Dominator Airflow Platinum RGB Fan and the Vengeance Airflow Fan both provide extra cooling headroom for their respective Dominator and Vengeance series. The Dominator fan comes with RGB LED lights.

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