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Complete Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponics is a plant-growing method that uses nutrient-filled water to facilitate the growth of plants instead of soil. A medium such as rock wool, clay pellets, and others are commonly situated inside grow cabinets and are used to support the root systems of plants grown using complete hydroponic systems.

The concept behind the hydroponic grow method is to allow the roots of your plants to come in direct contact with the nutrition needed to facilitate plant growth. The root systems of your plant will also have access to oxygen once placed in the nutrient solution you provide.

Benefits of hydroponic systems

The use of complete hydroponic systems makes it possible for your plants to grow much faster than they would with traditional growing methods that use soil. Plants can mature as much as 25% faster and yield 30% more when grown hydroponically.

The added growth takes place because less work is needed for the plant to obtain the nutrition it needs. Even plants that possess small root systems will have no trouble finding an abundance of nutrition.

Hydroponic system types

Another great thing about hydroponic grow methods is there are different types of systems to choose from. It is even possible to combine system types when planning a complete hydroponic system for yourself. Each system utilizes a different technique for ensuring nutrition is delivered to your plants once they are securely placed inside grow cabinets.

Aeroponic grow system

Plants that are grown with aeroponics are suspended in the air and receive nutrition to their root systems through a mist. The first method for nutrient delivery with aeroponics is misting the roots with a fine spray nozzle. The second manner of nutrient delivery that can be used by growers who opt for the aeroponic grow system involves the use of a device known as a pond fogger.

Aquaponic grow system

Aquaponics is a growing method that uses fish to create a natural ecosystem in which plants can grow. When the fish you use for your aquaponics grow system eat and produce waste, the result is a fertilizer that is an excellent facilitator of plant growth.

Drip system

The Hydroponic grow systems that work through drip irrigation use a pump to trickle the water that is used to feed nutrition to root systems. An emitter is used to deliver the nutrient solution the plants need. A drip irrigation is an excellent way to maximize water efficiency.


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