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Questions About Commercial Diving and its Various Equipment

Commercial marine diving encompasses a wide array of specialized underwater operations. Commercial divers are highly trained and often work in exacting and dangerous situations. These experts are often called upon at a moment's notice, and they need their equipment for welding, exploration, and other underwater jobs to be in excellent condition at all times.

What is commercial diving?

Commercial diving is the practice of working in commercial industrial construction. It is the most common category of professional diving, with commercial divers working most often in fields such as the oil and gas industry. Divers require training and certifications for the particular industries they serve.

What diving equipment does a commercial diver need?

There are a myriad of commercial diving equipment pieces that a diver needs to conduct a dive. These new and used diving pieces are available on eBay at reasonable prices. Some of these affordable commercial diving items include:

  • Masks - A diver needs a good quality mask that fits the face and protects the diver from debris while working underwater.
  • Safety harness - A safety harness is useful for attaching to other objects or team divers for added stability.
  • Regulators - This device delivers air from the scuba tank to the diver in the correct mixture that divers need in order to breathe.
  • Submersible gauge - This gauge displays information on how much air there is remaining in your tanks.
  • Helmet - The helmet protects your head from pressure fluctuations and foreign objects that may be present underwater, but it can also be outfitted with various accessories.
  • Flashlight - A flashlight is extremely useful for adding additional light.
  • Weights - Weights offset the tendency to float. Adjusting the weights will allow the diver to sink slowly.
  • Dive computer - A dive computer will provide dive information and let the divers know how much time they can spend safely at specified depths.
  • Belts - Belts provide a handy place to attach needed equipment accessories.
  • Dive knife - A knife is useful for untangling fishing line or for rapping on the tanks to get the team's attention.
How do you care for your diving equipment?

It is important for divers to maintain their diving equipment so that it is safe to use and will last. Rinse the mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, regulator, and gauges in warm, fresh water after use. After rinsing, allow them to dry completely before packing them away. Store the tanks with some air remaining to prevent contaminants and moisture from entering empty tanks. This also prevents cracking in overfull tanks.