Comme Des Garcons

Look Stylish With Comme des Garcons Clothing and Accessories

Whether heading for a first date or a night out with friends, you can look stylish with Comme des Garcons pieces. Founded in 1973, this Japanese company makes clothing that looks good and fits well. Most of the pieces have whimsical accents or decorations, too. Read further to get an idea of some of this brand's affordable pieces that you can buy new or used on eBay.

What new and used Comme des Garcons clothing is available?

You'll find both casual pieces suitable for a day of running errands and upscale pieces for nights out. The company makes shirts, dresses, sweaters, and skirts for women. Offerings for men include sweaters, button-down shirts, and shoes. Hoodies and sweatshirts are also available.

Comme des Garcons Play is designed for kids at heart

In addition to the standard line, there is also a Comme des Garcons Play line. This line is a little more playful and suitable for younger people and those who are kids at heart. You can distinguish these pieces by the red heart-face logo found somewhere on the item. This logo depicts a bright red heart with cat-like eyes.

What clothing sizes are available?

The company makes clothing in sizes that range from extra small to extra large. All the Comme des Garcons hoodie and sweater styles fit this sizing guide. If you are a woman with a chest size of up to 35.4 inches, the guide suggests an extra small. Sizing specifications can vary between garments, though. You may need a size larger or smaller in a fitted sweater than you do an oversized hoodie. See the manufacturer site for details. Other sizes you might wear have specifications that include:

  • Women's extra-large: Fits chests of up to 37.7 inches and arm lengths of up to 24 inches.
  • Men's extra-large: Fits chests of up to 45.6 inches and arm lengths of up to 24 inches.
  • Men's small: Fits chests of up to 40.9 inches and arm lengths of up to 22.8 inches.
What is the meaning of the company's name?

Comme des Garcons is French for is "like boys." When the company was founded, it made products just for men that allowed them to play hard without damaging their clothes. Though the clothing is still durable, it has become more fashionable. You can wear this brand's apparel for many of your activities.

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