Balanzas de colección

Collectible Scales

Collectible scales are used for weighing small items with a consistent level of accuracy and high level of precision. They use standard weights made of brass or iron. These vintage scales are available in a wide range of sizes and styles and from manufacturers all over the world and can be used for display or functional purposes.

What are the types of collectible scales?
  • Counterfeit coin detector: Counterfeit coin detector scales allow you to determine if a gold or silver coin is made out of the materials you think it is. If the coin is not made of gold or silver in the expected amount that you set the scale to, it will slide through the slot.
  • Postage: Postage scales measure a letter or parcel so that the correct amount of postage can be applied to the item.
  • Chicken egg and food: Antique scales for chicken eggs were used to grade the eggs size, such as medium or large, based on the eggs weight in grams. Food scales are for weighing ingredients for a recipe. They are available in gram or ounce units of measure.
  • Balance: A balance scale has two pans, one hanging from each end of a horizontal bar. A weight goes in one of the pans and items go in the other pan.
What are some features of collectible scales?
  • Curved pans or bowls: Vintage scales used for weighing food or small items often have curved pans or bowls in order to prevent the items being weighed from shifting or spilling.
  • Stamp with manufacturer, country of origin, and year of manufacture: The bottom of the scale and any included weights are typically stamped with the manufacturers name, country of origin, and the year that the antique scale was made.
  • Brass or iron construction: Antique scales were often constructed from durable metals such as brass or iron. These materials are dense, allowing the weights to be small in size. They resist rust, dents, and punctures.
How do you choose a vintage scale?
  • Choose a type: Select an antique scale that has a base for placement on a surface. The flat base usually has a large diameter so that it holds steady when items are being weighted. There are also handheld scales and hanging scales available.
  • Select the units of measure: Select balance scales with dials that show grams or ounces as the units of measure. The weights for the balances will have the same unit of measure as the antique scale.
  • Choose a style: There are balance scales and counterfeit detector coin scales. You can also choose scales for eggs, postage, precious metals, and grain measurements.
  • Select a theme: Some vintage scales are decorated around a theme, such as chickens, steampunk, or pine needles.