Tarjetas Telefónicas de colección

Phone Cards

Prepaid phone cards offer a convenient and easy means of communication with friends and family when more traditional methods are unavailable. If you are traveling overseas, an international phone card lets you use minutes with a few simple steps, thus avoiding roaming charges or increased rates. Being able to use the minutes on the card after entering a simple PIN is also handy in case of emergencies.

How is a phone card beneficial?

There are several ways that a prepaid phone card can be advantageous to you as a caller. They are:

  • Convenience. You wont need to change anything in your own phone or your data plan in order to use them effectively. All you have to do is enter an assigned number, then dial the location you want to call.
  • Great for international travel. If youre going to be traveling, setting up your cell phone with a different SIM card or a temporary data plan can be a huge obstacle, and theres always a chance that a different SIM card or plan will not work correctly when you need them in a pinch. Conversely, prepaid phone cards require no extra set up and wont change any aspects of your phone. You are free to use them safely and easily while abroad, all while knowing everything with your cell phone remains unchanged.
  • Useful in emergencies. Whether you need one for international travel or not, a phone card can be a lifesaver when you dont have access to your regular phone but you still need to make a call. Using public phones can incur fees, but thanks to prepaid phone cards, you wont have to worry about fees or whether you have the money to place a call in a desperate situation.
How does a phone card operate?

Most prepaid phone cards work very similarly to one another, so it is useful to know the general steps for operating phone cards.

  • Enter the access number. Check the back of your card for this. You need to enter it before you place any calls.
  • Enter your PIN. Each card also comes with one of these. This information is under the scratch-off coating on the back of the card. Other times it may be printed on the receipt. Youll be prompted to enter this number after you punch in the access number.
  • Dial the number you want. Now its time to input the number of the person or location that you are trying to reach. This will only work correctly if youve entered the access number and the PIN first. If an electronic voice tells you how many minutes are left on the card, youll know youve successfully connected to the other party.
  • Hang up when youve finished calling. You can converse for as long as there are minutes on the prepaid phone card. A voice should inform you when you are close to the limit of your minutes so that you dont get cut off in mid-conversation. Hanging up will disconnect and conserve any remaining minutes on the prepaid calling card.