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Frequently Asked Questions About Christofle Silver Antiques

Charles Christofle was a 19th century French silversmith. Initially, he crafted jewelry, and with this skill, he turned flatware and tableware into collectible works of art. You can find these antiques on eBay.

What is the pattern on Christofle's Malmaison flatware?

The Malmaison flatware is a notable pattern fashioned after the Empire design. To achieve an Empire look, simple models and elegant lines are used. The items are silver plated, and the forks and spoons have a delicate edging around the borders that ends in a leaf pattern at the top and bottom. For the knife pattern, edgings with a decorative band surround the base, and near the blade is a matching leaf finish. A breakdown of the pieces involved in a complete flatware set are:

  • Knives: Dinner, dessert, and fish
  • Spoons: Dinner, coffee, dessert, and espresso
  • Forks: Dinner, dessert, fish, and cake
What pieces are in the Christofle coffee and tea settings?

The settings can be simple, including pieces such as servers, sugar pots, and creamer pitchers. A four-piece setting has an additional teapot. An antique seven-piece collection typically has a silver tray, teapot, coffee pot, hot water pot, sugar bowl, creamer, and rubbish cup.

What are some of the Christofle patterns?

Most of the Christofle styles have traditional finishes and clean markings. The silver work tends to be the centerpiece. Here are some examples of the patterns you can find:

  • Pompadour: A scalloped edge pattern
  • Albi: A simple single-line elegant edging
  • Perles: A dotted edge
  • Vendome Arcantia: A tapered handle with a leaf bottom
What are some of the silver animal figurines?

Christofle created many animal figurines. While some were decorative works of art, many were functional. Many of his art deco knife rests are in the shape of animals, such as ducks, pigs, lions, and rabbits. The Gallia knife-rest set consists of 12 different animals.

There are silver-plated miniature figures, such as an elephant that stands at 1 1/2 inches tall. A kitten curled in a ball is 1 1/8 inches high, and a silver frog stands 1 1/2 inches also. The figurines should carry a Christofle hallmark, which will vary depending on the year of the item?s creation.

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