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From Gravel to Track to Triathlon: Cervélo Bikes

Cervélo bicycles are engineered for a range of racing conditions. Even though these cycles carry professional athletes across finish lines, you dont have to be an expert rider or a professional athlete to appreciate Cervélos engineering. Cervélo breaks its high-end bikes down into ranges and models. Once youve determined the model and range perfect for your needs, shopping for the right model on eBay is simple.

Which Cervélo bike ranges are available?

The Cervélo brand was established in the mid-1990s. Its first ranges included time trial and triathlon bike models. The company branched out into other ranges and models once its reputation and brand became widely recognized. On eBay, you can find new and preowned bikes, parts, and accessories that fall into these five bike categories:

  • S-Series - Aero road bikes. Sprinters choose models in this series.
  • R-Series - Classic Road Bikes. If you are looking for an all-purpose road bike, then this bike is worth your consideration.
  • P-Series - Time trial and triathlon bikes. These models offer light frames and stiff bodies.
  • C-Series - Off-road bikes. Disc brakes, lower center of gravity and greater stability make this cycle ready for off-road conditions.
  • T-Series - Track bikes. Aerodynamic and built for the chase, bikes in this series are flexible yet sturdy.
Major differences between models

Cervélos C-series is considered all-purpose because you can ride it for a long period of time, but it can also handle a sprint as well as different road surfaces. Cervélo C3 riders can take their bikes on short trips or long rides. C2 models fall into a slightly lower price range. All models are disc-only. Here are a few other series models with varying features and possibilities:

  • Cervélo S-series are made for speed, with Cervélo S5 featuring wheels that are close to the frame. Cervélo S3 models offer disc or rim brake configurations.
  • Cervélo R3 bikes offer the most build options. If you are looking at parts or experimenting with features, these frames are a good choice for experimentation. Cervélo R3 disc bikes feature disc-only brake systems, while R3 models can be configured for disc or rim.
  • Cervélo R5 bikes are designed for professionals, although amateurs can also ride these lighter-weight models.
Cervélo R3 builds

Cervélo R3 framesets are in demand because of their versatility and their price point. These framesets have the same mold as all other models within the R-series, minus some of the cost. You can choose between disc or rim brake configurations. The R3s cable management system is compatible across shifting systems. These bikes can be customized.

Cervélo R3 2013 framesets are solid competitors with R3 2014 and later models, with only slight differences in control and rideability. Regardless of the year, R3 framesets are engineered for uphill riding and downhill control.

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