100% Cashmere Sweaters for Men

A sweater is a garment made to cover a man’s arms and torso. However, the style, design and sweater material are what makes a cashmere sweater a staple in any man’s wardrobe. Cashmere, made of wool spoilt, is a finer and softer material than wool or cotton.

What cashmere sweater for men styles are available?

Picking a cashmere sweater can be a difficult task because of the types of sweaters available. Following a simple guide will help narrow the selection of cashmere sweaters to find the perfect one for men.

  • V-Neck: A V-Neck begins wide at the top of the neck and narrows toward the top of the chest. A V-Neck sweater made with cashmere is the most formal men’s sweater style. It may button or zip close. It may be a one-piece pullover V-Neck cashmere sweater. The V-Neck sweater is worn with a shirt underneath.
  • Cardigan: A cashmere cardigan is available in zip-up and button-up designs. A cardigan made have a collar and can be worn as a light jacket in cooler weather.
  • Polo: A cashmere polo is another type of sweater that can be worn with a jacket or by itself. A polo cashmere sweater is the same as a polo shirt because of its collar. The sweater may or may not have buttons.
  • Crewneck: A crewneck made with cashmere is a pullover, one-piece garment. It is worn over a T-shirt and can be paired with a jacket.
  • Turtleneck: A cashmere turtleneck has a cowl that covers part of your neck. The size and fit of the cowl allows you to fold the turtleneck or leave it high on the neck. It can be worn with or without an undershirt or shirt.

 How to select a 100% cashmere sweater for men?

  • Select the Occasion: Select the sweater based on whether you plan to wear it in a formal or causal setting. For instance, a Polo or crewneck is for casual wear.
  • Choose Versatility: A cardigan can be worn as a light jacket. Add a sweater that is adaptable to your wardrobe.
  • Select by Ply Knit: This sweater can be made with a lighter or heavier weight cashmere. For instance, a polo purchased to wear underneath a jacket should have a lightweight two-ply knitted cashmere.
  • Pick a Design: Choose a sweater based on personality. Your personal style may include solid or stripes, multiple colors or a print.

Choosing a cashmere sweater for men is a luxurious option because of the beauty and softness of the material. The quality of the cashmere depends on the texture of the goat hair used to make the sweater. For instance, a single-ply yarn makes a lightweight sweater. Yarns constructed with two piles or more makes a heavier knit.

The exact sweater designs you choose is based on personality, color and fit. Look for greater versatility or a sweater for formal or casual events.