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How to Figure Out Which Printheads Work with Your Canon Printer

Whenever you have a report due, your printer will run out of ink in one cartridge, and then you either need to troubleshoot getting it to print without that cartridge, or you need to find one. Your printer probably has separate inkjet print cartridges for each color value, each of which are easy to replace in the printhead, but sometimes the print head itself fails. You can easily find replacement printheads for most models.

What Models of Printers Are Available?

Canon manufactures both inkjet and laser printers for home and business. Here are three of their major product lines that you might be using. Each of these has a different ink cartridge, and not all models in the same line use the same size cartridges, but there is some overlap. These printers are known for their high-quality images and papers.

  • PIXMA - These are inkjet printers that are for home use and producing high-quality photos. Wireless models allow you to control the printer from your smartphone through the app. You can print directly from social media. These printers create high-quality documents and photos fast.
  • MAXIFY - These are inkjet printers for office use, and they will quickly produce high-quality printouts for the small business office.

How Do I Replace a Printhead?

Your ink jet printhead is removable, so if you start to see issues with your printing and the automated cleaning does not work, remove and carefully clean with alcohol after removing any rubber parts. If cleaning does not help, then you can order the correct replacement for your model and install. Once you have the correct print head for your PIXMA printer model, you can install it using the following steps. After you have installed your new print head, perform a print head cleaning with a clean piece of paper as a test page.

  • Remove the existing part you are replacing by waiting until the assembly has rested in the center of the printer. Then unplug it and remove all the ink tanks. You can now lift the entire head off of the rail in the printer by simply grabbing from inside of where the cartridges were sitting.
  • To reinstall after cleaning with alcohol or to install a replacement, place it back on the rail the same way you took it off and make sure to pull down the locking lever before reinserting the ink tanks. Align your cartridges and print a test page to make sure you have a good printhead.

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