How to Choose the Right Camera Strap

Whether you're an amateur or a pro photographer, when you love taking pictures, there are certain accessories that make snapping more convenient. A neck or shoulder strap for your camera is one of these, as it allows you to keep your camera nearby but also keep your hands free for other equipment. Straps come in assorted styles and materials for your Hasselblad camera.

What Are Some Camera Strap Types?

Selecting the right strap for your needs depends on the type of accessory you're seeking because there are a few options to select from as far as strap designs are concerned. 

  • A neck strap goes around your neck, keeping your camera front and center and within reach at all times, so you won't miss a good photo opportunity when you view a bird on a nature walk or some kids playing. They clip to your camera to keep them securely attached.
  • You can sling your camera over your shoulder with a long shoulder strap, almost like you're carrying a tote bag or purse. They're convenient and comfortable, and you can also use these long straps as a crossbody strap. 
  • Wrist straps are small loops that you attach to a camera then loop around your wrist. They're usually meant for lighter-weight cameras.

What Are Some Features of Camera Straps?

Camera straps aren't all the same, and there may be specific features that make using your Hasselblad less frustrating and more comfortable to carry, even when you're doing a day-long photo shoot or you're on vacation and taking numerous photos.

  • A padded strap ensures that the strap is comfortable around your neck or on your shoulder even after hours of wear. Thick padding alleviates stress on your body as you tote your camera.
  • An adjustable strap lets you customize how it fits you. For short people, a long strap keeps your camera too far from your hands, but by using sliding buckles, you can create a strap that's just the right length for you. There are also wide or slim straps to make distributing weight evenly an option.
  • Not all straps are plain. You can find designs that express your personality ranging from polka dot or floral designs to bold and bright solid-colored selections like blue, green, or red.

What Materials Are Straps Made From?

There is a handful of materials from which companies create these accessories, and they're typically used because of their sturdiness. 

  • A leather design not only looks deluxe and sophisticated, but it holds up well in the elements. These typically come in black, but you may find a brown leather design too. 
  • Nylon is another fabric to consider when you're looking for a camera strap. One benefit is that they're lightweight.
  • A canvas design is tough and holds up over time. These sometimes have neoprene padding and leather ends. 

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