CRT TVs with Built-In DVD Player

Buying CRT Televisions With Built-In DVD Player Features

You can find a Cathode Ray Tube or CRT television set with a DVD player built inside of it. Models are available from RCA, Panasonic, Toshiba and Magnavox among others.

With this TV, you will insert a standard definition DVD into the appropriate slot on the TV. Add the DVD into the tray and then let the television set read the disc. You can then control and play the DVD by switching to the appropriate tuner while using the remote that comes with your TV set.

Why People Look For Combo TV Sets

The reasons why people look for TV and DVD combo sets are plentiful:

  • Easy access. The DVD player goes under the television screen, thus allowing the user to add and remove discs from the same unit.
  • Convenience. Instead of having to use two sets of wires, a user only needs one set.
  • Tuner control. The TV tuner can be switched to a DVD tuner through the same console. A separate tuner may also be included if another item is attached to the set.
  • Same remote. The remote control that comes with your TV set will also work on the DVD setup included in the combo.

How Big Is the Screen?

The CRT TV set you order will vary in size. You can find a set from 13 to 29 inches in size. The smaller sets are designed for counter top use. A small unit may work in a childs bedroom. Some models even come with kid-themed physical designs featuring bright colors.

How Is the Set Built?

Your CRT TV will come with a traditional analog set design. The SDTV set is wider than a smart TV. You would have to look at how well you can fit the design to a shelf or stand. The surface must be deep enough to support the size of the set.

Other Features

Several additional features may be found on your combo TV set:

  • Headphone port. A small headphone jack may be included on the front part of your TV.
  • VCR support. Some combo units come with added videotape decks. A deck may go next to your DVD player and will take in standard VHS tapes.
  • Gaming ports. Some ports for RCA cables may be included on the front of the TV. You can add wires that link a video game console to the set from there. This is perfect for when youve got an older video game console like a Sega Genesis or Nintendo 64 that works well on an SDTV set.
  • Link to other boxes. You can also get a cable or satellite box added to your combo set. You would have to switch to the correct output display to reach the channels that your box receives.

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