Adding Personalization to Your Mechanical Keyboard: Cherry MX Keycaps

If youre a gamer, you probably understand that the mechanical keyboard is widely regarded as one of the most responsive for control. With this in mind, its easily possible to add on wasd keycaps and other keycaps available on eBay so that you can customize your gaming experience. For example, you can even use cherry MX keycaps to highlight important keys that provide things like health boosts and damage increases in your favorite games.

What are cherry MX keycaps?

A mechanical keyboard has a setup in which several switches can either be cherry MX, topre, or Alps. For the cherry MX, the switch has a plus-shaping, and the keycap is the piece of metal or plastic that displays the letter, symbol, or number and is the part that comes in contact with your fingers.

What are the advantages of having custom keycaps?

When youre playing on a mechanical keyboard, it can be hard to see the movement keys among the other 100-plus keys. Custom keycaps for keyboards will allow you to colorize your keys so that itll be nearly impossible to miss your wasd movement keys. Additionally, for those that love a little fun, there are also novelty keycaps that you can quickly find on eBay, which can add a little fun to your keyboard setup.

Can you use keycaps on a keyboard with backlighting?

In the world of peripherals, backlighting has become common, and as a result, many mechanical keyboards have backlit keys. With cherry MX keycaps, you can keep the backlighting experience by purchasing cherry MX keycaps that are clear. These allow the lighting to come through.

What types of materials can you find in keycaps?

In most situations, you will find that most keycaps are made of plastic, but there are metal cherry MX keycaps on the market and available on eBay that have a fairly uniform and smooth feeling. Having said that, the most common keycaps on the market are:

  • ABS: These allow for transparent lettering for illuminated keyboards and serves as the type of keycaps that are most common.
  • KBC: These are completely transparent, so if you have a backlit keyboard, the light will shine through more easily.
  • PBT: If you dont like keycaps that slide, PBT works very well as wasd keycaps due to the inherent grip and their resistance against the fingers corrosive oils.
  • POM: These are similar to PBT keycaps because they are highly resistant to shine and are also known for their strength and weightiness.