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CD, DVD & Blu-ray Duplicators

CD duplicators are products that allow you to work with not only CDs, but also DVD discs. They create a project that will enable you to make new CDs and DVDs for your personal use. Understanding the types available on the market will help you decide which duplication device is right for your CD and DVD duplication project needs.

What do CD duplicators do?

Think of a duplicator for CD and DVD discs as a burner that allows you to make exact copies. It starts by reading your disc, whether it is a DVD or a CD, and copies the image onto a hard drive. Once it has finished, the duplicator will use its burner to burn a copy onto a burnable disc. A duplicator of this type has many different options which you need to consider before buying one.

For example, you need to decide if you want to burn just CDs, or if you also want to create copies of your favorite DVD movies. You also have to decide if Blu-Ray capacity is necessary for your CD duplication. Some DVD duplicators have this option. Make sure to check the side of the DVD duplicator to ensure that you are getting one that works for DVD, Blu-Ray, and CDs.

How many CD and DVDs can it make?

A DVD duplicator can usually make a broad range of target discs at the same time. The DVD duplication process typically allows you to create anywhere from one to seven different discs at the same time. CD duplication works in the same way, producing multiple copies on other discs.

Obviously, the burner will take a little longer to work when creating seven copies of a DVD. However, a DVD duplicator typically finds a way to get around this issue. The DVD duplicator can get around this problem by using multiple burners at the same time to speed up the process.

What readable formats are available with these duplicators?

There are several readable formats available for these duplicators. These include:

  • CD-R
  • CD-RW
  • DVD+RW Dual Layer
  • DVD-R
  • DVD-R Dual Layer
What writable formats do these duplicators provide?

Writeable disc formats for a duplicator include:

  • CD-R
  • CD-RW
  • DVD+RW
  • DVD+RW Dual Layer
  • DVD-R
How do they connect to a computer?

When using one of these items to create a quality duplication of a DVD, you need to hook them up to a computer using a USB port. The USB port enables the duplicator to communicate with burning software. After you hook it up with a USB connection, you install software on the computer Hard Drive and use it to run the software that burns your discs. This simple process requires very little extra work.