Built - in VCR TVs

Enjoy Your Movies with a TV VCR Combo Unit

A TV VCR combo unit allows you to watch movies in the VHS format. These units are convenient as you get two devices with different capabilities in one package. Before you make a purchase from one of the many brands and models on eBay, make sure to consider these points.

What is a TV VCR combo unit?

This unit has a VCR player built into the television set. There is no need to purchase a separate unit to watch VHS tapes. They can help you to save space in your media center or television room. This dual unit can easily be moved to another location since it is one piece of equipment. The TV VCR combo entered the market in the late 1980s, and the VHS format became standard in many households. Almost all VCR combo units are VHS-based models. Some personal home videos or major feature films are not available in any format other than VHS. You can find a new or used model on eBay to add to your entertainment space.

Can other video and game components connect to a TV VCR combo unit?

Many of the combo units use RCA connectors in the front and back of the machines. These inputs give you the opportunity to hook up a camcorder or video game console to the television. You can even add a DVD player to add more versatility to your entertainment unit. Some models even have the capacity to attach a headphone jack directly to the device to watch videos or play games without disturbing anyone in the room.

Can a TV VCR unit connect to a home audio system?

Almost all the TV VCR combo units have monaural sound with stereo capabilities. Some models are available with a stereo TV tuner. These units may even have a composite video input with a mono sound input as well. The Panasonic TV VCR combo units even have an FM tuner. Most of these players have an audio line-out that can be connected to a home audio system or a separate set of speakers.

Who manufactures a TV VCR combo unit?

There are many major companies that have produced the combo units. You can find models in various sizes to fit your home entertainment system. Many of these models are available on eBay. Some of these major manufacturers include:

  • Toshiba
  • Panasonic
  • Sharp
  • Sylvania
  • Emerson