Small TV VCR Combo Units for Portable Entertainment in Small Spaces

Portability and space-saving design are appealing features when considering smaller TVs with 20-inch screens or smaller to suit your lifestyle. When you can easily move your TV around and it includes a built-in VCR, you get to enjoy the nostalgia of watching old VHS tapes or walking down the memory lane of home videos.

What Are Some Advantages of Owning a Smaller TV?

TVs with 20-inch diagonal screens are the ideal size and weight for easy transport, whether you take it along on a trip or move it into another room. For example, when youre finished using the device in the kitchen, you can take it with you to the bedroom or den. Thanks to the compact size, you can use it in a dorm, a tiny house, or take it with you when traveling. Additionally, it is budget-friendly because it uses less energy and costs less than a larger television.

Why Choose a TV With a Built-in VCR?

  • Convenience: The compact, combo design houses everything in one unit. Once you plug in the device, both the TV and the VCR are ready to use. You free up available surface space for other uses since you arent using two pieces of equipment. Plus, theres only one cord to contend with.
  • Videos on Demand: You may not want to part with your collection of VHS tapes that were never converted to DVD formats. Youll be able to view old titles whenever and wherever you want.
  • Vintage Gaming: In the 80s, VCR interactive games included titles like Captain Power and Soldiers of the Future, 221B Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes), and Clue. You can play retro games and continue to solve mysteries and crimes on Saturday morning and other days.

What Other Features Do Small TVs Have?

Smaller televisions with remote controls allow you to control audio and other functions from across the room. Depending on whether you choose a Panasonic, Curtis Mathes, Samsung, or another brand, VCR combo TVs may include A/V input jacks to hook up a DVD player, digital camera, or camcorder. In many instances, the VCR has a wake-up feature, or you can use it to record a program by setting the start and end time, date, and channel. Televisions may include a headphone jack and ports to hook up external speakers. Furthermore, keep in mind smaller TVs may use CRT technology so you may need to add a digital-to-analog converter to view digital channels.

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