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Browning Gun Cases

Gun cases provide a great option for easy storage and protection for all guns and firearms. Browning specializes in the production of guns and firearm accessories, and they offer many types of gun cases, including those for rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Their gun cases come in a variety of different sizes, styles, materials, and more to ensure there is a case for all of your hunting, shooting, transportation, or storage needs.

What types of gun cases are there?

Those who want a case to hold their guns have many different options. For example, you can buy a rifle case for your long rifles. These rifle cases are designed to protect your rifles while you are out in the woods. However, a rifle case can also protect your rifle at home.

There are also pistol cases for pistols and shotgun cases for shotguns. These cases are tweaked to make them slightly different from a rifle case. For example, a shotgun case is designed to hold the wider barrels and stocks of these firearms. A pistol case is designed to hold pistols of multiple sizes and even has pockets for ammo designed right into their builds.

How does a gun case protect your firearms?

Browning's shotgun or pistol cases will use a tough outer material that will protect it from damage. Cases for shotguns are often composed of leather, which makes them resistant to a wide variety of damage. Canvas is another commonly used material that is often used for firearm transportation.

Browning also offers fitted gun cases for their semi-auto rifles or other types of guns. These types of cases are often slightly smaller, which can reduce total storage space. Some of their cases also include locks on them that can either be protected by a code, with a key, or with a padlock.

What are the advantages of hard cases?

Hard cases are built from a tough leather or plastic material. These cases are designed to withstand drops and rougher conditions while keeping your gun from going off or suffering from damage. The insides of these cases are often made of foam to keep your weapon in place when it is being transported, and fitted hard cases will have weapon-specific indentations in the foam to provide a perfect fit.

What are the advantages of soft cases?

A soft gun case built by Browning provides a light level of protection. These cases also generally have a softer inside lining of either leather or synthetic fur to keep your weapon protected. A gun case of this type can be made to fit a variety of items. Fitted cases are also available, and they provide your weapon with a firm and safe level of protection. Soft cases are often much smaller in total size, allowing you to store your weapon in a smaller space. Their lighter composition can also be beneficial for easy transportation.

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