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Car and Truck Brakes and Brake Parts for Toyota Starlet

Before you purchase brakes and brake parts for your Toyota Starlet, understand how your braking system operates and the various responsibilities of each component within the system. This gives you the opportunity to make the most informed decision to ensure you the the right brakes and break part for your Starlet.

What type of braking system does a Toyota Starlet have?

The Toyota Starlet was designed with a front disc braking system and a rear drum braking system. The discs operate with a master cylinder pumping fluid to calipers located at the front of the vehicle. These calipers have internal pistons that are forced outward, pressing the pads onto a rotor or disc. This causes the front wheels to slow down or stop. The back drums operate by the master cylinder sending the pressurized fluid to the calipers, forcing the internal pistons to press curved shoes against the inside of a drum installed on the rear wheels. This creates the slowing or stopping motion of the automobile.

What different types of rotors are available for the Toyota Starlet?

There are three types of rotors that are manufactured for this Toyota. These include the standard, slotted, and drilled rotors.

  • Standard: Has a solid, smooth surface for the pads to press against the rotors.
  • Slotted: Is designed with slits etched into the surface to allow gases, water, and heat to be drawn away from the rotor when the pads rub against it.
  • Drilled: Holes are drilled into the surface of these rotors to allow heat, gases, and water to be deflected from the surface of the rotor and other components.
What is a power brake booster?

A brake booster is installed on a power braking system. These parts use a vacuum to neutralize the high pressure within a vehicles braking system to create a smoother stopping experience. With a brake booster installed within a power braking system, the driver isnt required to used excessive force when wanting to slow or halt the car.

What is a brake shim?

Brake shims are created from metal or rubber adhesive materials, which are molded to thin specifications. This allows these parts to fit easily between the pad and caliper to correct small differences that may exist, preventing an accurate fitting. This small difference causes a noise when you use the braking system. Once the shims are put into place, this noise is reduced and ultimately eliminated.

What types of brake pads are available for the Toyota Starlet?

There are three types of brake pads manufactured for use on the front discs of a Toyota Starlet. These options include semi-metallic, organic, and ceramic.

  • Semi-metallic: Made with metallic shavings such as steel, copper, and brass, which are bonded together with resin.
  • Organic: Made with materials such as glass, fiber, rubber, Kevlar, and carbon.
  • Ceramic: Made from dense pottery-like materials, which are blended with copper fibers and kiln-dried to create a durable product.