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Brake Lines for the Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep began manufacturing the Grand Cherokee line of luxury sport utility vehicles in 1992 and has released a new generation of the vehicle every six years. The Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV is made with quality parts that are designed to last for several years. If youre ready to replace your Laredo or other Grand Cherokee brake hoses, take a look at the lines available for your luxury vehicle, and find the set that will keep you safe on the road for years to come.

What are the specifications for Jeep Grand Cherokees brake lines?

The sport utility vehicles parking brake hose dimensions will be slightly different based on your models trim, engine style, and year of manufacture. Material also plays a role, as the more durable lines for your Jeep will weigh a little more. A braided stainless steel line will weigh around 1 pound and will have a length of approximately 9 inches. Lighter hoses, such as hardened plastic, aluminum, or nickel, will have the same dimensions as far as length and will weigh roughly 11 to12 ounces. They may be a little thicker in order to prevent warping or melting.

What materials are used in the Cherokees hoses?

Because the Jeep Grand Cherokees parking brake hoses are exposed to debris, moisture, and high temperatures on a daily basis, the materials need to be durable enough to take the beating. Other factors to consider include the amount of expansion caused by the fluid pressure. Materials frequently used to resist melting, warping, and corrosion include stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloys, and hardened ABS plastic.

How long will the Jeep Grand Cherokees brake lines last?

With proper maintenance of your vehicles braking system, you can prevent excessive wear and tear on the hoses, allowing you to improve the length of time the new lines will last. The Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs lines are designed to last over 100,000 miles, depending on your braking habits. If the hoses melt, warp, show signs of corrosion, or are otherwise damaged, consider using a more durable material, such as stainless steel or harder aluminum alloys.

Are the replacement hoses for the Grand Cherokee from Jeep?

Available replacement options for the Grand Cherokees hoses include original equipment hoses from the Jeep factory. These use the same materials manufactured with the Jeep and have the same specifications. Other options for the Jeep Grand Cherokee include direct-fit replacements from other vehicle manufacturers like GM or Ford. A third option includes third-party aftermarket hoses from manufacturers with no connection to Jeep.