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Discs, Rotors, and Hardware for Lexus GX470

The Lexus GX 470 is an SUV designed for comfort and durability. For a continually smooth drive and reliability, the discs, rotors, and hardware for Lexus GX470 should be replaced if signs of wear are present.

How does the Lexus GX470 disc brake system work?

The Lexus GX 470 disc brake system is initialized when the brake pedal in the SUV is pressed. This signals the master cylinder to send brake fluid through the system. This fluid is forced to the calipers and presses internal pistons outward so the brake pads are forced against the spinning rotor mounted to each wheel. This is what causes the Lexus to slow down in speed or come to a stop for maximum driver control.

What are the Lexus GX 470 rotor types?

There are three main types of rotor options for the Lexus GX 470 line of cars. These options include the slotted, drilled, and standard rotor designs. Slotted options have slits etched into the surface of the disc. Drilled options have holes drilled in a specific design around the surface of the disc. Both of these designs are created to provide ventilation for gases and heat formed when the brakes are applied. Standard rotors have a solid, smooth surface around the entire circumference of the rotor.

What is the purpose of a brake shim?

Brake shims are hardware created to fit behind a brake pad. These shims adjust the variations which are experienced from the pad and rotor connecting properly. The adjustment which is created when installing shims minimizes the noise emitted when the brakes are utilized. They also reduce the pressure required on the pedal for proper braking services.

What is a harmonic-balanced brake rotor?

Brakes are known to create a noise when utilized in a vehicle. Harmonic-balanced brake rotors are designed to eliminate the majority of this noise. The design of these rotors is such as the front of the rotor creates a positive vibration when the braking system is utilized, while the backside of the rotor creates a negative vibration to balance out the noise given off.

What are the brake pad types?

Two of the different options for brake pads manufactured for automobiles include the semi-metallic and ceramic. While both types of products are designed to create friction when pressed against a rotor to slow down or stop a vehicle, there are differences in their makeup. Semi-metallic brake pads are made from metal fibers such as copper, steel, and brass, which are bonded with resin to create a solid, durable product. Ceramic brake pads are made from kiln-dried ceramic materials, which are bonded with copper fibers to create a low-dust product.