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Lexus GX 470 Caliper Parts

The brake caliper is one of the key components of your Lexus GX 470s disc brake system and is responsible for squeezing the brake pads against the rotor. The type of caliper used by the GX 470 luxury car is the fixed type, which means it doesnt move relative to the rotor but rather employs a pair of opposing pistons to clamp both sides of the rotor. This type of caliper is of a more complex design and far more effective at braking than the floating type of caliber.

When should you upgrade the brakes on your off-road Lexus?

One thing about vehicles advertised by manufacturers as being "off-road ready" is that your idea of off-roading is far more extreme than that of the manufacturer. With that said, if you plan to modify your Lexus GX 470 model for the wilderness, switching to performance brake parts is highly suggested.

Simply buying new brake pads before you go do some serious mudding, dune bashing, desert racing, and rock racing wont suffice. People look at the relatively slow speeds involved when driving through the wilderness and assume that what your 4x4 was installed with at the factory is sufficient. Fact is, taking your truck or SUV through rough terrain and challenging conditions for a long period of time can be more grueling than other types of motorsports.

When you are driving your SUV up and down hills, over rocks, and through the woods, the braking system works just as hard as the suspension and the engine. Though heat is a part of the whole physics of braking, too much of it will eat up your rotors and pads quicker than you think. This is why its good to use bigger rotors that have more venting holes and bigger brake pads.

What are the symptoms of a bad brake caliper?

Its not common for brake calipers to go bad. Nonetheless, if you like to drive your Lexus GX 470 luxury vehicle off the beaten path on a frequent basis, youll notice the SUVs undercarriage components, such as the swing arm, control arm, shocks, struts, and even brakes begin to wear out faster than normal.

One part you should pay particularly close attention to is the brake caliper. If it begins to have issues, here are some things to look out for:

  • The brake is making a squeaking or grinding sound
  • Brake pedal is difficult to push in
  • Brake lights are on without the pedal engaged
  • Front end is jerking or shaking when you press the brake
What are the most common reasons brake caliper fails?

If for some reason youve had to replace the brake caliper on your Lexus GX 470, there are some ways to prevent it from happening more often.

  • Broken piston and/or brake hose
  • Brake caliper slides are corroded or have debris stuck inside them
  • Brake caliper bolts are corroded are not lubed