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Bose TV, Video and Home Audio Remote Controls

Control More with a Bose Universal Remote Control

You do not want to deal with a pile of remotes to control a home theater. The use of a Bose remote will make it so that you can control more components. If you lose or break your original remote, a universal remote control is a viable option.

What does a universal remote do?

A universal remote will often work all of the components of your sound system, allowing you to have a home theater. Additionally, you can program the remote to control all sorts of connected devices. It eliminates the need to use two or three remotes to watch a movie or TV show.

What are some of the key features?

A remote control may offer a variety of features. This will provide you with convenience as well as added functionality. You will want to find a remote that effectively pairs with your equipment while giving you the features that you need.

  • Built-in screen for programming: Simplify the programming with a screen.
  • Ergonomic, contoured shape: It fits in your hand comfortably.
  • Controls multiple devices: It controls several devices to eliminate some remotes.
  • Light: See the buttons in dark settings.
How do you program the remote?

It is important to review the method in which you program the remote to control the various devices that you have. You will need to pair or sync everything with your remote. This will vary based on the model remote control that you have as well as whether or not the devices are controlled by Bluetooth. In most instances, it is a matter of holding a button on the remote while aiming it at the particular device.

What equipment can it control?

One of the main features of a universal remote control by Bose is that you can control a lot of equipment and systems. This eliminates the need to have multiple remotes. Especially if you have a home theatre, it provides a lot of conveniences. you can control an array of components:

  • HDTV
  • Cable/satellite box
  • Blu-ray Disc/DVD player
  • VCR player
  • Home theater speaker system
What types of batteries does the Bose remote control take?

A Bose universal remote control may take a few types of batteries. Most models will take two AAs. You can use single-use or rechargeable batteries in the remote control. Bose recommends checking the batteries if your remote is not working. You should also replace old ones with new ones to avoid any problems with functionality.

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