Bluetooth Audio Player FM Transmitters

A Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Convenience and Pleasure

A Bluetooth FM transmitter takes any ordinary radio and turns it into a Bluetooth-capable device. With this technology, youll be able to listen to MP3 files on the go without any special equipment. Youll find a huge selection of these devices for any need and budget on eBay.

How does a Bluetooth FM transmitter work?

A Bluetooth FM transmitter works by connecting to a power supply in your vehicle and transmitting the signal over the radio. This means that your Bluetooth-capable devices such as a mobile phone can be broadcast through your radio. These devices dont require any special installation or equipment to purchase. Within minutes, youll have access to all your digital music files played in stereo quality sound.

How do you set up the device in a car?

Setting up the device is simple. If you dont have an auxiliary input, youll simply connect the device through an unoccupied radio station on your stereo. The device doesnt need to be installed manually. Most devices come with a clip or can be used in a cup holder. Youll be able to enjoy your music once the connection is made. The entire process takes less than five minutes in most cases.

Can you use a Bluetooth FM transmitter anywhere else?

Yes, a Bluetooth FM transmitter can be used on any other device thats able to connect with an auxiliary cord or FM radio signal. Many people use these devices while camping, traveling, or socializing at recreational events. Since theyre small, theyll fit almost anywhere. Computers and home stereo systems are also commonly used with a Bluetooth FM transmitter. Since theyre also very affordable, many customers purchase more than one device. Truckers and RV users also enjoy these devices as some of them provide compatibility with mobile calling features and work with older radios.

How are brands of Bluetooth FM transmitters rated?

The ratings are similar for many models and typically only vary with different feature levels. Some models offer a larger digital display while others offer USB-plug compatibility. Some even offer a feature to quickly charge your phone while driving. Hands-free capability is offered on some models and allows you to use your phone features through the device. Some of the Bluetooth radio transmitter models available on eBay include:

  • Apace Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter
  • LIHAN Hands-Free Bluetooth FM Transmitter
  • Enegg Wireless Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter
  • GOGroove FlexSMART X2 Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter
  • SoundBot SB360FM