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Replace the Battery to Continue Enjoying Your iPod Classic Audio Player

The iPod Classic went through seven generations of upgrades and was one of the first audio players Apple produced. If you enjoy listening to media on your Classic but its battery has died, there is no reason to throw anything out. You can get a working iPod Classic battery replacement at a low cost from eBay.

How do you find an iPod Classic battery replacement?

Because the iPod Classic includes several variations, it's important to find a replacement battery that is compatible with one that you are using. Some iPod battery replacements on eBay might work with different versions of the device. Other batteries may list the specific iPod they are intended to power. You can use eBay's search parameters to find a complete list of iPod Classic battery options that work for you. Some common iPod Classic battery replacements you will find on eBay are for

  • 30GB
  • 80GB
  • 120GB
  • 160GB
Can you choose a battery based on its capacity?

Several iPod Classic battery options you'll find on eBay have specific maximum capacities. The capacities for iPod Classic batteries can provide you with a general estimate of how many hours they are able to keep the device powered. Some factors can influence how long an iPod Classic battery will last before needing a recharge, such as how often you're scrolling through music or accidentally activating the screen. You can use eBay's functions to look for a battery that has the capacity you need. Some common iPod Classic battery sizes are

  • Up to 1199 mAh
  • Up to 1799 mAh
  • Up to 2799 mAh
  • Up to 3799 mAh
How do you replace the battery?

Many of the batteries you'll find on eBay come with special tools as part of a set. You can use these tools to replace your iPod Classic battery. You can also engage an iPod Classic battery replacement service after you get your battery from eBay. If you plan to replace the battery yourself, you may be able to use these steps:

  • Open it - Use the tools to open the seam between the front and back of the device. You should use caution when maneuvering the tools around the edges of the iPod.
  • Unclip it - Remove the metal clip from the device to separate the panels.
  • Replace the battery - Disconnect and gently remove the old battery before inserting the new one.