Audio Player Car Charger for Sony

Understanding Your Options for Sony Audio Player Car Chargers

Whether youre driving across town or across the country, having your favorite music helps pass the time. To ensure your tunes keep playing no matter how long the drive is, its good to have a car charger on hand for your Sony audio player. With the different varieties of car chargers available, its important to understand your options.

How do you choose the right audio player car charger?

Choosing the correct audio player car charger depends largely on two factors: the audio player you need to charge and the way in which you intend to charge it. Here are some of the features of car chargers that can optimize a charger for your specific situation:

  • Charging tip: Different Sony audio products utilize different charger standards, meaning they require different charging tips. Ensure the tip will match your device prior to making a selection.
  • Cord or no cord: If you already own a separate USB charging cable, you can buy a charger with no cord and plug your own charging cable into it. Ensure the charger is the correct wattage for your device.
  • Cord length: If you do need a charger with an attached cord you can select from different lengths depending on where in your vehicle you intend to charge your device.
  • Color: In addition to basic black, there are many other colors of chargers available to match your vehicle interior and your personality.
How do you care for a Sony audio player charger?

Proper care of your audio player car charger is crucial to protecting its sensitive internal components. Here are ways you can help care for your charger:

  • No stress: Its important to provide some slack in the charger cable where the cable attaches to the charger. This helps prevent unnecessary stress on this connection, which can lead to deterioration of the connection over time.
  • Stay cool: As with any electronic component, its a good idea to keep your charger out of direct sunlight. High temperatures can have a negative impact on materials inside the charger.
  • Unplug: Most in-vehicle power outlets and cigarette lighters lose power when the vehicle is turned off. Just to be sure, though, unplug your charger when you leave your vehicle.
  • Keep it clean: In many vehicles, the charging port and cup holders are in close proximity. This means any spills could end up on your charger. If this happens, unplug the charger immediately, then, when your vehicle is stopped, thoroughly wipe down the charger to ensure no sugar or other contaminants are on the charger.
What are some features of Sony audio player chargers?

Sony audio player chargers are equipped with various features to meet your needs, depending on the model:

  • Coiled cord: Some chargers are equipped with a coiled cord that allows for easy storage and helps reduce tangling.
  • Charge light: A built-in LED lets you know the charger is on and working.
  • Angled charge adapter: Some models are equipped with an angled adapter module allowing for easier access to other accessories near the charging port.
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