Choosing the Right Computer Keyboard

The keyboard is one of the most commonly used computer peripherals after the mouse. There is a probable chance that if you have a computer, you are still using the original keyboard that came with your device without the need for a replacement.

A good keyboard can make a difference between a seamless typing and a frustrating one. Whether you are using it for gaming or just routine office work, it is important to choose the right one.

Which are some of the types of computer keyboards?

Computer keyboards are named depending on the use for which they were made for and the features that they have.

Here are some of them:

  • Laptop Keyboards. The laptop keyboard is a smaller version of the usual QWERTY keyboard only that the symbols are condensed into fewer keys so that they can accommodate less space.
  • Ergonomic computer keyboards. Unlike the old keyboards that usually cause you some hand strain after typing for long, the ergonomic keyboards are designed to reduce muscle strain and other related problems. The design of the keys will improve your typing speed and skill.
  • Laser or infrared computer keyboards. This is one of the recent inventions and an improvement to the old models. With this, you can project the keyboard on a space such as a desk, and you can type on the desk. However, this technology can be frustrating to use at the moment.
  • Gaming keyboards. Gaming computer keyboards are just like the normal ones. The only difference is that they have additional features. For example, they have illuminated keys, multimedia keys a palm rest and other function keys. These are used when playing a game. One of the brands of gaming keyboards is Atari Vintage which has produced the Vintage Atari XE system video game keyboard. Besides the game keyboards are compatible with most of the game consoles in the market.

What do I look for when buying a vintage computer keyboard?

  • The type of work - As earlier mentioned, there are different types of keyboards with a special focus on a specific function. If you are a serious gamer, then you should go for the gaming keyboard. If you like to work with numbers then go for a numeric keyboard with a numeric keypad. Your work will dictate the type of keyboard you will choose for your computer.
  • Keystrokes - Before you buy a keyboard, then you should check how the keys feel when you are typing. You do not want a keyboard that will end up feeling like a typewriter. The mechanism that affects how the keys are is the type of switch. Rubber dome switches, scissor switches, and mechanical are the common types of switches. They all contribute to the noise level, sensitivity, and the comfort of typing.
  • Wired vs. wireless - Both of these types have their pros and cons. The wireless ones will reduce the clutters of wire on your desk but might interfere with other wireless devices. The vintage PS2 ports on the earlier vintage computer models have become obsolete.
  • Connectivity - Most keyboards connect to the computer using the USB ports. Some keyboards might require some software installed to function.

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