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Jaguar XJ8 Antennas

The antenna on your Jaguar XJ8 does much more than give you access to local radio stations. It’s an important component of the XJ8’s exterior aesthetic that extends when it’s needed and retracts when it’s not. You’ll find replacement options that preserve that classic Jaguar aesthetic as well as upgrades that enhance both function and form.

What are the characteristics of a Jaguar XJ8 antenna?

The antenna on the XJ8 is a motorized retractable antenna. It’s also automatic, which means that it extends when you turn the vehicle on and retracts when you turn it off. Since the antenna is positioned at the rear of the Jaguar sedan, it will also extend and retract when you open and close the trunk while the Jaguar is idling. The main components of this antenna assembly include the following:

  • Motor
  • Drive cable
  • Mast grommet
  • Retractable antenna mast
Which types of XJ8 replacement and upgrade antennas are available?

When adhering to the original Jaguar XJ sedan concept, there are three primary types available. These antenna assemblies and components include the following:

  • OEM - These are original equipment manufacturer parts that are made by Jaguar for the XJ8 model.
  • OEM-style - These parts mirror the original Jaguar specification but often at a reduced cost.
  • Aftermarket - These components seek to enhance the original function or form in some manner.
Can Jaguar XJ8 antenna parts be purchased separately?

Yes. Purchasing an antenna assembly provides an owner everything needed to replace the entire Jaguar XJ8 antenna. However, that often isn’t necessary when repairing a damaged antenna. Bent or broken masts are a common issue, and in those cases, it’s often only necessary to replace the antenna mast and the drive cable. Most Jaguar antenna-mast replacements include the needed drive cable, also called a rip cord, as well.

Can you purchase an antenna mast that’s longer than stock?

Yes. You can purchase an antenna mast that’s longer or shorter than the stock Jaguar XJ8 mast. The key is that the resting length of the mast is the same as the original Jaguar specification. Otherwise, the resting mast won’t fit the assembly appropriately.

Are there mounted antennas available for the Jaguar XJ series?

Yes. There’s all types of modern antennas available for the Jaguar XJ8 that may provide a more modern look or better performance. These will include mounting equipment appropriate to your vehicle, so be sure to select an aftermarket antenna that supports your model, model year, and trim designations.

Does purchasing a longer antenna enhance reception?

It may, particularly when it comes to radio stations that operate at low power. Your vehicle may compensate with an active preamp, but many Jaguar XJ8’s didn’t come with one stock. If you’re concerned about accessing low-power stations in your region, then you should either choose a stock or longer length, or add an active preamp to the Jaguar system.