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Andrew Christian Men's Underwear

Men’s underwear comes in a variety of cuts, styles, and designs. Underwear can serve many purposes, and your needs can change depending on the outfit you’re wearing or the situation you’re in. Men’s underwear can be used as a simple hygienic garment, act as figure-flattering shapewear, or even employ the use of stitching and padding to accentuate body parts.

What features does Andrew Christian underwear offer?

Andrew Christian underwear has many options depending on what kind of definition and enhancement you prefer.

  • Show-It Technology: Underwear with Show-It Technology features a soft cup that cradles your dimensions, offering frontal support and padding.
  • C-Ring: Andrew Christian's C-ring is a frontal C-shaped seam that spans the underside of your scrotum, providing additional support.
  • FlashLIFT: FlashLIFT underwear utilizes supportive seams on the backside of the garment.
  • Padding: Some underwear is designed with built-in padding in the buttocks.
What styles are available with Show-It Technology?

Although some designs are limited editions, Show-It Technology is available in all of the Andrew Christian categories:

  • Jocks
  • Briefs
  • Boxers
  • Thongs
  • Leggings
What is the Fukr collection?

Fukr is a signature Andrew Christian collection with three distinct characteristics:

  • Waistband: Fukr underwear has an elastic waistband.
  • Strategic Stitching: Fukr underwear utilizes stitching to mimic natural lines and angles of the male body.
  • Hang-Free Pocket: Andrew Christian’s Fukr collection offers a hang-free pocket designed to mimic the freedom you feel when you're naked.
What sizes does Andrew Christian underwear come in?

Andrew Christian underwear is available in all sizes from XS to XL.

What is Almost Naked underwear?

Almost Naked is one of Andrew Christian's underwear collections. New Almost Naked designs are released annually in various patterns, materials, and cuts, including boxer, brief, and jock. They typically have extra room in the front, a hang-free design, and Andrew Christian's signature elastic waistband. They also offer trim and stitching in contrasting colors like black, yellow, blue, red, and white.

What is Andrew Christian Underwear made out of?

Underwear by Andrew Christian comes in a variety of materials. Some items are made of 100% cotton while others are made with a cotton blend. Blended fabrics include polyester, polyamide, and rayon made from bamboo. A spandex and cotton blend is also used in many of the cuts that are designed to be stretchy and form-fitting. Every blend contains moisture-wicking technology.

How is Andrew Christian underwear made?

Andrew Christian remains committed to an all-American manufacturing process. Each piece is custom-woven, colored with specialized dye treatments, and given specially printed graphics.