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AT&T Cordless Telephones and Handsets

For your in-home landline, a cordless phone and handset is an effective way to access the features that your phone can offer. AT&T cordless telephones and handsets allow you to take advantage of a wide range of features, including an answering system, caller ID, and three-way calling. AT&T produces a wide range of cordless phones like the 5-handset or 4-handset cordless phones.

How do cordless phones work?

Most modern cordless phones operate using the same basic principle. You purchase a cordless phone that includes a base station that has to plug directly into the phone jack. This base station often includes an answering system. The base forms the basis of the entire phone system. You can then purchase additional cordless handsets that may be included with the package and just need to be plugged into the wall. They can then also receive the signal from the base station. If equipped with DECT 6.0 technology, your system may be able to handle up to 10 individual handsets. This allows you to have phones available in rooms with no phone jack.

What features do cordless handset packages include?
  • Answering system: The majority of cordless telephones include a digital answering system in the base station. Newer telephones have digital voice recording, so you can skip between messages and delete messages individually without having to listen to all of them.
  • Caller ID: If it is included in your telephone service, incoming calls will display Caller ID, identifying the person who has called you. Some telephones include Caller ID announce technology, so you can know who is calling without having to walk up to the phone.
  • Push-to-talk: Many cordless phone systems include a push-to-talk feature, which allows you to use the phone like a walkie-talkie and communicate with others in your house without having to make a telephone call or set up a dedicated line for each handset.
  • HD audio: AT&T cordless phones often include HD audio, which allows you to hear crystal clear sound and provides a variety of customization options, including the ability to adjust treble and bass.
  • Speakerphone: Most phone systems include a speakerphone component. Depending on the phone system, the speakerphone could be located at the phone system base or on the handset itself.
  • Call waiting: If your telephone service allows for it, these phone systems are compatible with call waiting.
  • Conference calling: These systems also include the ability to have a conference call with three parties.
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