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What Are 220V Computer Uninterruptible Power Supplies?

Power outages and interruptions can cause a computer to lose power for just a moment or sometimes for a longer period, and any interruption can mean losing work and experiencing damage to the computer itself. A UPS battery backup can provide just enough time to save work and safely disconnect equipment to prevent physical damage.

What does a UPS do?

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) provide power through batteries when the usual source is interrupted. 

  • The UPS acts as the middleman between the computer and outlet. This charges the batteries in the UPS backup and gives power to the computer when the UPS is needed. The input voltage depends on where the UPS was made and where it's intended to be sold. 
  • A UPS can provide a correction of power when the voltage coming from the outlet is too low and can adjust for frequency differences.
  • Power strips with breakers can protect somewhat from surges, but only a UPS protects from dips in power and any loss of power that goes on for some time. UPS backups are also relied on in enterprise situations to support servers, networks, and other technology.

What kinds of UPS backups are there, and what features can they have?

There are multiple types and features to look for.

  • Standby UPS units are often used in home settings. These charge themselves until power is cut, before switching to supplying power. Line-interactive UPS units are similar but are designed to handle brownouts and voltage issues as well. Online UPS units are the most advanced, as they isolate any device attached to it from wall power, meaning power output is always stable.
  • Some UPS units have software that can be set up to automatically send a notification to attached computers to shut down when power issues are detected. The number of battery-protected outlets should also be considered. 
  • A UPS may allow battery replacement, as frequent power issues can wear on the UPS. A backup of charged batteries can also extend the runtime, while other features like displays and quiet fans should also be considered.

How do I choose an APC 220V UPS?

APC offers UPS units that work for home users as well as enterprise systems.

  • Its Smart collection of UPS units are online types of devices that can be integrated into a tower or stand on their own. This technology is costly and is not commonly used by consumers in their homes.
  • 220V units are most commonly the larger enterprise devices, and some allow the output to be changed from 220V to other options. 
  • Surge energy ratings, measured in joules, are important to consider in cases where lightning and other causes of surges are a potential threat. Capacity should be based on what equipment the UPS will power and for how long. This can be determined by adding the power usage of computers and other devices together.

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