Big Screen TVs Boost Your Entertainment Options

TVs with built-in DVD players free up space so you can add other home audio electronics. In addition to TV DVD combos, these 40 to 49-inch widescreen TVs have smart features to enrich your entertainment experience. You'll be able to find options from RCA, Samsung, Curtis, or other brands.

Why Should I Choose a Unit That Includes a DVD Player?

Plan a movie night because viewing your favorite videos on DVD or Blu-ray is as simple as turning on the HD TV and inserting a disc. Plus, a TV DVD combo unit means you don't need to purchase a DVD player separately. The integrated component can be removed, repaired, or replaced as needed. Another advantage is that you use one remote to control all the TV's functions. 

What Should You Consider When Purchasing a Big Screen TV?

You shouldn't wait until you get the TV home to decide whether it's too large or too small. Measure the designated space for the television beforehand so that it fits in the family room, bedroom or other location. TVs should have at least four HDMI ports so you can hook up the devices you already have with additional ports for future expansion. Moreover, HD models with 4K resolution have four times as many pixels as those with 1080p resolution. Manufacturers are readily producing the 4K models so they are more budget-friendly than before. Plus, network streaming services are adding high-definition titles to their inventories to accommodate owners. 

What Features Should You Look For?

  • LED Backlighting: The technology makes whites look brighter and colors more vivid. This feature is especially appealing when you're watching movies or using the equipment to view graphics while gaming.
  • Refresh Rate: TVs are rated at 60 Hz, 120 Hz, and other refresh rates, indicating the speed that frames are displayed. This technology helps reduce blurring so moving images are clear and crisp.
  • ATSC Tuner: Most devices have a NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) tuner built-in but may also include an integrated ATSC (Advanced Television System Committee) tuner. Depending on the model and where you live, you may be able to receive broadcasts by local channels.

What Other Components Should You Consider Buying?

In addition to using the HDMI port to stream videos from other devices or connect streaming sticks, you can connect a monitor or PC to play games using your gaming console. When it's time to weed through your smartphone's photo gallery, connect to the TV using a compatible micro-USB to HDMI connection. You can view the images on your HD TV screen and decide whether to keep or delete pictures.