30-39 Inch CRT TVs

30" - 39" CRT Televisions

Cathode ray tube televisions are strong elements of in-home entertainment systems. You can still get CRT TVs from top manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba. With the wide selection of CRT televisions, you can find the specific model youu001are looking for.

How does cathode ray tube technology work?

CRT is a technology used to generate images on a screen using electrons. It was mostly used on television, video, and later on desktop monitors. A cathode, which is a negative terminal, is housed in a vacuum contained in a glass tube. The electron gun in the back of the CRT fires electrons to the front where they are reflected off a screen that contains phosphors. This screen is conductive, which is what allows it to absorb the electrons. When the electrons come into contact with the phosphors, they produce a blend of light, which is what is seen on the display for color television. In black and white, the screen is coated with a single phosphor that glows white. Magnetic charges are required to guide the stream of electrons. Steering coils in the tube are responsible for creating the magnetic fields. One set of coils is designed to steer the electrons vertically while the other moves them horizontally. Manipulating the coil voltage controls the position of the beam. The tube in this system is what dictates the large shape of the CRT.

How do you maintain a CRT TV?

CRT televisions are designed to be long lasting, but still require proper care. Keeping the display clean is one way.

  • Turn off the device then use a rag to wipe off dust and other particles
  • Use a soft damp cloth to wipe off any stubborn marks, scrub gently if they donu001at come off with a wipe. Then, remove excess moisture from the display with a clean, dry cloth.
  • You can use special products for cleaning electronics, although water is effective as well. Be cautious about using home detergent on the glass.
  • Remember to dust the plastic casing on the sides of the CRT TV where dust can accumulate.
  • Ensure that your TV has enough ventilation on every side to prevent overheating due to the high voltage input.
Can you use a CRT TV for gaming?

Yes, the high-quality picture produced by a CRT-based television is one of the reasons the technology is used for retro-gaming. For one, CRT televisions from a top manufacturer like Sony donu001at present a lag problem. Frame consistency also makes a CRT TV suitable for games where the player has to focus on every twitch.