Choosing The Right Power Adapter and Charger for Your Laptop

A computer is not of much use when it is out of power. Just like any other modern-day device, it needs to be recharged in order to stay functional. It doesn't matter if you are using a computer desktop or a portable laptop, a good adapter and charger are necessary to make sure you have access to a reliable power supply; at the same time protecting it from damage caused by overcharging or power shortages.

What are the different types of adapters and chargers available for my Latitude?

Laptop adapters usually come in an assortment of different sizes and wattage, with the power supply cords having different types of pins. All these factors make up the different types of charges that are available today. There exist two main types of laptop power adapters and chargers:

  • AC adapter - This is the most common type of adapter, used by a variety of laptops including the Dell Latitude. These types are used by computers that use direct current (DC). Since laptops use DC, the AC adapter converts AC from power outlets to DC, which is stored in batteries for use when the owner is mobile.
  • DC adapter - Unlike AC adapters, DC adapters do not convert current. This is because laptops use DC, which makes it unnecessary to convert the current from a DC source. Their main function lies in topping the voltage, as that of many DC sources in usually too low to power a laptop.

How do I know the right model of AC adapter for my Dell Latitude?

Finding the right model power adapter or charger for your Latitude is important to ensure that the pin fits well into the laptop's port and that the power supplied is not too much or too little.The information on the type of charger model to be used for your Dell Latitude is usually found on a small sticker on the bottom of the laptop. It contains information such as:

  • Brand
  • Model number
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Polarity

What features should I look out for when purchasing an adapter or power cord for my Dell Latitude?

  • Model number - Be sure that the model number of your Latitude is the same as that on your replacement AC adapter.
  • Wattage - The voltage required is also provided on your laptop manual. You can also search online to make sure that your Latitude's replacement charger does not supply too much power that will damage your laptop.
  • Compatibility - Be sure to check the power cord. This is important in matching your Dell Latitude's charging port with the pin of your power supply cord.

Needless to say, be sure that you purchase your power adapter, power supply cord or charger from a trusted and reputable seller. This will keep you out of the way of unscrupulous merchants associated with the sale of counterfeit and poor quality items.